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WWE Rumors: Top WWE Tag Team using AEW for better WWE Contracts?

Karan Bedi
12 Apr 2019, 17:25 IST

Did AEW have anything to do with it?
Did AEW have anything to do with it?

What's the story?

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Usos were offered huge contracts to stay in the WWE. At this point in time, they are using AEW as leverage to remain with the company and get the best deal.

In case you didn't know

The Usos have been one of the best WWE Tag Teams in the last decade or so within the WWE. They are 6-time WWE tag team champions and arguably one of the best tag teams in the WWE.

They have managed to evolve over the years alternating with heel and face turns. From starting off as Samoan warriors to their current incarnation as street-wise thugs with attitude, they are an integral part of the WWE landscape.

Much like the rest of Anoaʻi family, they have been able to adapt. Their father, Rikishi, had various gimmicks in the WWE, before settling as The Samoan Stinker.

With the rise of AEW and big-money contracts, several opportunities are arising for wrestlers from Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor as well as the WWE.

The Young Bucks have said AEW will showcase tag team wrestling at its best with the possibility that it will main-event their PPVs.

The Young Bucks have also said that they want to wrestle The Usos. Is that even a possibility in the future? Anything is possible.

The heart of the matter

As reported by WOR, The Usos are believed to have signed a huge WWE contract. They go onto elaborate

"While this has not been confirmed, within the industry the belief is the Usos have signed or at least are staying. One person high up used the term “fairly certain” when talking about them signing a new deal and staying. WWE was offering much bigger money than in the past for talent whose deals were expiring because they can afford it and because of the AEW competition, and the Usos, as a great tag team, were in a great leverage position."

It seems that WWE, while currently have nothing to fear from AEW, are quite hellbent on not losing any of their WWE wrestlers.

What's Next?

It's unknown where The Usos will end up after The Superstar Shake-up.

Will other WWE Superstars follow suit? Comment below

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