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WWE Rumors: Update on John Cena and The Rock's status for the Raw Reunion episode

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Cena and The Rock
Cena and The Rock

What's the story?

The upcoming WWE Raw Reunion is just around the corner and a long list of legends are all set to appear at the event.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, The Rock and John Cena are not scheduled to appear at the show as of now.

In case you didn't know...

Around a couple of weeks ago, WWE announced that the July 22nd edition of Monday Night Raw would be a special Raw Reunion episode, with a string of legends and Hall of Famers coming back for a one-off appearance.

Over the next few days, WWE revealed several names that would be returning for the show, including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Booker T, Mark Henry, Christian, Shawn Michaels, and many more. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of Hall of Famers who didn't accept the invite. Ring of Honor's Bully Ray, All Elite Wrestling's Jim Ross, and former WWE Champion Bret Hart declined the invite.

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The heart of the matter

A short while ago, John Cena was asked whether he would be present at the show, to which he gave a cryptic response.

They say it's going to be one of the biggest RAWs of all time, and it's certainly memorable. Um...we'll see?

This was followed by Cena doing his signature "You can't see me" gesture.


Now, Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting that both John Cena and The Rock aren't scheduled to be at the Raw Reunion show.

What's next?

Of course, plans could change by the time the show airs, or WWE could swerve us at the last moment by keeping these two big returns a secret, but as of this moment, fans of both Rock and Cena shouldn't get their hopes up. 

Would you have liked to see these two legends come back for a one-off appearance at Raw Reunion?

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