WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon set to slowly relinquish ‘the chair’ (Exclusive)

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon

As the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WWE, Vince McMahon has built himself an empire spanning decades.

His single-minded determination to take over the wrestling world and create an entirely new form of entertainment has reaped major rewards for himself and thousands of people under his leadership and employment. Nevertheless, sources are indicating that he might be looking to step away from the day to day duties.

Over the last few months, WWE management has undergone significant changes in terms of infrastructure. The addition of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as the Executive Directors of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live respectively has meant that there is always someone available to take a share of the leadership and creativity from McMahon.

Reports indicate that Vince McMahon was absent from RAW due to XFL commitments. One source suggests that this was due to McMahon’s trust in Paul Heyman and Triple H – the two men who run RAW and NXT in his absence.

“Vince doesn’t want to step away, he doesn’t want to let go, but it’s the right move. He’s got a great team and he has a lot of faith in them.”

Another source is clear that McMahon will not be abandoning all responsibility but will still have oversight of the product at a distance.

It’s telling that there are multiple reports of McMahon rewriting the script for SmackDown Live, often at the last minute. With Bischoff taking a little longer to get started in his role, perhaps we’ll begin to hear that McMahon will take time away from the head chair there as well.

NXT to be unchanged?

Alongside the announcement that NXT would be moving to USA for a two-hour weekly live schedule, WWE sent out a press release suggesting that they would be presenting the same NXT product fans have come to know and love. This was seemingly in response to suggestions that Vince would be getting more involved with the product.

A third source made it clear to me that McMahon did not see himself getting involved at all and was leaving the majority of the operational duties to Triple H, as he has for most of NXT’s run on the WWE network.

In combination with McMahon’s absence on RAW and the clear suggestion that NXT would not be run differently, all three sources agreed that Vince McMahon will be reducing his long term duties in order to focus more time and attention on the XFL.

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