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WWE Rumours: Another Seth Rollins move to be banned by WWE?

After Curb Stomp, is it time now for Turnbuckle Powerbomb to be banned?

Seth Rollins will not be happy to hear this

All is not going well for Seth Rollins this year, following his return from the knee injury suffered last year. At Money in the Bank, Rollins won his WWE World Heavyweight Championship – the one he had to vacate last year due to his injury – by beating Roman Reigns. However, The Architect lost his title only minutes later as Dean Ambrose cashed in on his Money in the Bank briefcase and won the title.

He also lost the WWE Universal Championship match at SummerSlam to newcomer Finn Balor, thereby giving up the opportunity to become the first ever Universal Champion. However, during the match, Rollins performed a Turnbuckle Powerbomb on Balor, which resulted in a dislocated shoulder for The Demon King and required Balor to undergo surgery thereby sidelining him for close to 6 months.

On the very next night on Raw, Balor had to relinquish his title due to the injury. Rollins then staked his claim for the WWE Universal Championship once again and was booked in a Fatal Four-Way Elimination match for the title against Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and Big Cass. Kevin Owens won the title after Triple H interfered and delivered Pedigrees on Reigns and Rollins.

Ever since the injury to Balor, Rollins has been criticised by many, including legends like Bret Hart, for being an unsafe worker. It is now being reported by four3four.com that Rollins might be forced to look for a new move as his Turnbuckle Powerbomb is set to be banned by the WWE for being dangerous.

Rollins has been involved in matches, which has resulted in his opponents getting injured and the Balor incident has only served as a reminder for many that Rollins is not careful enough in the ring. First it was Sting, who suffered a life-threatening injury against The Architect after being on the receiving end of another Turnbuckle Powerbomb.

John Cena was next up as he got his nose broken after receiving a knee to his face by Rollins. And finally, it was Rollins himself, who spent more than 6 months on the sidelines after injuring his knee in a match against Kane.

It is not the first time that Rollins has been at this crossroad. His previous finisher, the Curb Stomp, was banned by the WWE for being unsafe and also because it was too easy for kids to replicate at home, this forced The Architect to come up with a new finisher and he chose Triple H’s Pedigree.

Now that it looks like WWE might ban his Turnbuckle Powerbomb for good, he would need to come up with another effective yet not so dangerous move.

Do you think Seth Rollins’s Turnbuckle Powerbomb should be banned? Or which move should Rollins replace it with? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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