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WWE Rumours: There could be backstage concern over Seth Rollins rushing his recovery

Is the match between Triple H and Seth Rollins in jeopardy?

News 16 Mar 2017, 15:28 IST
Has Seth returned to the ring sooner than he should?

What’s the story?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding this year WrestleMania is about Seth Rollins’ recovery. While Seth is determined to wrestle at this year’s WrestleMania, rumours suggest that the backstage officials are not so happy about it. According to Cagesideseats, there is some huge concern over whether Seth is rushing his recovery.

In case you didn’t know...

The feud between Triple H and Seth Rollins has been delayed considerably due to circumstances that are not in either Superstar’s control. The ultimate showdown between mentor and pupil was expected to happen at last year’s WrestleMania but was postponed due to Seth Rollins’ knee injury.

Even this year, when everything looked right, Seth reinjured his knee just weeks before WrestleMania and put a wrench in the plans. But Seth Rollins is determined not to miss out another WrestleMania due to his knee injury. This determination has caused quite some concern over his recovery among the backstage officials.

The heart of the matter

In his determination to not miss out on yet another WrestleMania, Seth Rollins is working very hard to return to the ring at the Show of Shows. 

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Cagesideseats reports that there is huge concern among the backstage officials over Seth Rollins rushing his recovery to compete in WrestleMania. The concern stems from the fact that there is a significant risk that Rollins could re-injure his knee in the process of rushing his recovery. If Seth re-injures his knee by rushing his recovery, the entire match at WrestleMania will be in serious jeopardy.

What’s next?

After last week’s showdown between Triple H and Seth Rollins, where Triple H decimated Rollins, it is all but confirmed that Triple H and Rollins are set to have a match at this year’s WrestleMania.  The inclusion of Mick Foley in the storyline could also take it in whole new direction. 

Author’s Take

The showdown between Seth and Triple H is long due and will be a welcome one at this year’s WrestleMania. While the match has the potential to be an “A+” match, Seth’s knee injury will factor more into how the match progresses than anything else. It is also to be noted that this will be the first match for both of these competitors in a long time.

Despite all these concerns, both Triple H and Seth Rollins have the calibre to deliver an instant classic regardless of ring rust. Since everything hinges on Seth’s recovery from his knee injury, WWE being highly concerned over it is only logical. Will Seth recover to steal the show at this year’s WrestlaMania? Let’s wait and watch. 

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