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WWE Rumours: Dolph Ziggler retiring to pursue politics and stand-up comedy?

Rohit Nath
8.17K   //    07 Oct 2016, 09:38 IST
Will The Showoff delve into the world of politics full time?

This Sunday at No Mercy, Dolph Ziggler puts his career on the line against The Miz in an Intercontinental Championship match. The Career vs Title match has been considered by many as the best feud in terms of storytelling going on in WWE as a whole right now.

However, prior to the match being set up, there were rumours floating around that Ziggler’s contract is expiring very soon and he is not renewing it. And if those rumors are to be true, then this No Mercy match is a way to write Ziggler off television.

According to WrestlingInc, Ziggler may retire from professional wrestling to pursue other interests such as stand-up comedy and being a political analyst. He appeared on Fox Business with Lisa Kennedy, where he commented on Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.

Ziggler also spoke on the parallels between the 2016 Presidential Race and Pro-Wrestling. He co-authored an article with Lisa Kennedy comparing Pro Wrestling and The Presidential Race as well. Here is the clip of Ziggler on Fox Business:

Ziggler has also appeared at the Republican National Convention with Lisa Kennedy, representing WWE. With regards to comedy, Ziggler has more than just a stand-up option. He has even appeared on a Comedy Central skit titled Wrestling Is Real, which can be seen below

The fact of the matter is that Ziggler has his options lined up for him if he is in fact to leave professional wrestling. Whether he is or not will only be answered this Sunday at No Mercy, but either which way, he has been teasing the fact that he will indeed be leaving, starting off with this tweet:

 The No Mercy bout between The Showoff and The Hollywood A-Lister is a tricky ordeal, for two reasons – The Miz is on a red-hot Honky Tonk Man-level Intercontinental Championship run, and the title has not felt this important in years, while fans don’t want to see Ziggler leaving as well, as they feel he still has a lot to offer being on the Smackdown Live brand.

Given that Ziggler has such big opportunities outside of the WWE, he may utilise it the way past stars such as The Rock and Batista have to build his brand further and add more value to his name.

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