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WWE Rumours: John Cena in line for big movie role?

John Cena's Hollywood career may shoot up if he lands this role.

Is Cena following The Rock’s path?

John Cena has been transitioning into a very different role. Over the past year or so, he has stepped into the larger mainstream picture, doing movies, tv shows and hosting multiple award shows. This has brought up the question as to whether Cena is winding up on his WWE career. Despite the rumours, he has been insistent that he is staying with WWE. 

However, his schedule has considerably reduced. He does fewer house shows and has been wrestling this year for only 4 months so far, a little more than 3 if you take away the 20 days between Summerslam and Backlash. Of course, no one can argue that Cena hasn’t earned the lighter schedule as he has been the face of the company the past 11 years. However, that does not mean he is any less busy, as he is involved in several other projects.

He is leaving again until the end of the year after No Mercy, practically guaranteeing that he will not be winning the WWE World Championship at the Pay-Per-View. Things may change even more for Cena, as there are rumors going on that comic book writer Mark Miller is looking to land Cena in a superhero role for his upcoming film titled Superior.

The film is going to be released by 20th  Century Fox. If  Cena lands the lead role, this could be a game changer for him, similar to how The Scorpion King  was a game changer for The Rock. There have been multiple comparisons of late as many believe Cena will leave WWE in a matter of time for Hollywood, but as mentioned above, WWE and Cena himself keep insisting that he is staying in WWE and not going anywhere. The reality of the whole situation is something only Cena himself knows.

What is interesting is that if Cena lands the role, the filming may begin on the road to Wrestlemania 33, but we don’t know how the schedule would interrupt it all, as Cena will definitely be in the marquee match of Wrestlemania 33 where he is rumored to be either facing The Undertaker in the main event of Wrestlemania or be in the world title match where he will more than likely win his 16th World Championship. 

The point is that it will be interesting to see if WWE approves of the projects if it interrupts the road to Wrestlemania, the most important time of the year for WWE.

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