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WWE Rumours: Paige hires attorney in the midst of uncertainty regarding her WWE future

Does this confirm her departure from the WWE?

Paige could be following Del Rio’s path out of the WWE

The recent suspensions of Alberto Del Rio and Paige have sent the rumour mills into override mode with the futures of the couple being the focal point of all speculations. Recently, we reported how WWE threatened Paige to break up with Alberto Del Rio or face the consequences of being fired from the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

WWE responded to the said allegations by refuting the controversial claims that took the internet by surprise. It would have been stupid on WWE’s part to dictate the personal life of its employee as Vince and Co. have always looked to stay miles away from any legal hassles. Reports suggest that WWE deliberately split the couple up during the draft, which could be termed as a legal way of putting their message forward in a subtle manner.

In the middle of all the hoopla, Paige has reportedly hired a legal attorney to represent her in the ongoing tussle regarding her future with the WWE. There is no word yet on whether Paige would indeed leave the company by opting out of her contract, which still has a few years left on it. Her beau, though, has already made the decision to walk out of his contract if the speculations are to be believed and has notified the WWE about the same through his lawyer.

Backstage sources also claim that Del Rio recently called WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano, regarding the matter, and all he got was undefined silence. At this moment, Del Rio has made up his mind of quitting the WWE and if recent events are anything to go by, Paige might also follow suit.

Billed as the one to carry the Women’s division on her shoulders when she first debuted, Paige’s run thus far has been underwhelming, to say the least. Her possible departure from the company’s fold would add another name to the list of superstars who just couldn't maximize their potential in the WWE. For all that is going down, we can only hope that WWE and Paige come to a mutual settlement regarding the young Diva’s future.

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