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WWE Rumours: Reason for Sami Zayn's loses

Win or lose, Sami Zayn still a favorite amongst fans

Sami Zayn, a crowd favorite

WWE storylines move in a mysterious manner at times with unexpected and strange angles. One such victim of WWE’s whimsicality is Sami Zayn, who has lost most of his matches. 

Only last week, he lost a match to Alberto Del Rio in about 8 minutes into the match. Del Rio caught Zayn with a double foot stomp after an eye poke followed by an enzuigiri to pick up the win.

Sami Zayn is an adorable babyface who is a crowd favorite, and always gets the fans singing his theme song on his way to the ring. 

According to famed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, more the matches Zayn loses, more the fans will grow crazy and follow him and so far, the fans love to see him in action, reports AllWrestlingnews.com

But will this approach cause damage to his image? Hopefully not.

Complimenting Zayn, Meltzer compared him to Daniel Bryan saying that he is a super hard worker like the former fan favourite.

The type of booking that Sami Zayn has received normally tends to result in the downfall of a superstar and restrain them to the mid card level, but for the bearded superstar, it has granted success so far. 

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