WWE is rushing the Seth Rollins-Big E WWE Championship feud

Seth Rollins is Big E's next challenger for the WWE Championship
Seth Rollins is Big E's next challenger for the WWE Championship

On this week's episode of WWE RAW, Seth Rollins won a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match to become the #1 contender for Big E's WWE Championship.

While it is unclear when the match will take place, WWE is doing this feud way too soon.

BREAKING: TONIGHT on the season premiere of #WWERaw, there will be a #LadderMatch to determine who will earn a #WWEChampionship opportunity against @WWEBigE!@WWERollins vs. @reymysterio vs. @FightOwensFight vs. @FinnBalor

Rollins v. Big E is a feud and match that WWE could have saved for WrestleMania 38 next year or at the very least the 2022 Royal Rumble PPV.

It is a match that has rarely been done, which is rare for WWE these days. It is also a feud that WWE could have told a good story about.

The last time Rollins and Big E had a one on one match was back in 2014, which was seven years ago. That was on an episode of Main Event, which was WWE's fourth most important show. Before that, their other matches occurred in FCW and NXT. So, it is a match that wouldn't be a repeat match, which we see often in WWE these days.

The story WWE could tell between Big E and Rollins is that of the first two champions in the history of NXT now battling for the WWE Championship. It could be used to show how important NXT is in developing future stars and how far Rollins and Big E have come. The story for Rollins is going from the first-ever NXT Champion to 1/3 of one of the greatest stables in WWE history to being a former WWE/Universal Champion.

ROLLINS WINS!@WWERollins wins the #LadderMatch and earns an opportunity to challenge #WWEChampion @WWEBigE.#WWERaw

For Big E, the story would be that he went from the man that beat Rollins for the NXT Championship to being a bodyguard for Dolph Ziggler when he debuted on the main roster.

From there? He went on to also being a member of one of the greatest stables in the New Day to being the current WWE Champion. So, Rollins and Big E's stories are almost similar to one another. WWE could have told a great story between them heading into the WrestleMania season.

Instead, this match will either take place on a random episode of RAW or the Day 1 PPV on New Years Day. There is no way they can put off this match until the Royal Rumble, which is a little over two months away.

Finn Balor or Kevin Owens would have been a much better fit for this spot. Balor is a babyface, but he isn't a full-on babyface. Even though he has been losing quite a bit lately, another one here wouldn't have done him much harm. As for Owens, his contract is expiring soon, and although it is unclear if he will remain with the company or not. Giving him one last Championship Match would have been a nice gesture.

Rey Mysterio is the only person in that match that should not have won. Rey is such a beloved figure that had he gone against Big E in a championship match, fans would have been more behind Mysterio than Big E.

See the recent Jeff Hardy vs. Damien Priest United States Championship Match as an example.With WWE pushing Big E as a top babyface, it would have been counterproductive to have him face and beat a legend like Mysterio at this time.

In conclusion, WWE had a great opportunity to have a great WrestleMania main event caliber feud between Seth Rollins and Big E for the WWE Championship with a great story behind it. Instead, they decided to hotshot the feud, which will take place much sooner and won't have the same impact that it could have.

What are your thoughts? Did WWE hotshot the Rollins-Big E feud? Or is now the right time to have the match? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Edited by Ryan K Boman
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