WWE SmackDown: 2 Superstars who flopped and 3 who impressed – Roman Reigns destroyed by Kevin Owens, Champion competes in unusual match (Jan 22nd, 2021)

Modified 24 Jan 2021
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#1 Flopped on WWE SmackDown: Dominik Mysterio

Surely this could have been booked better
Surely this could have been booked better

One WWE SmackDown match had this author exclaim, “Oh look, how they massacred my boy.” I would have used this expression for Sami Zayn, but he managed to end a title match in disqualification. But there’s another Superstar on WWE SmackDown who can be a perfect subject for this statement – Dominik Mysterio. The young talent faced King Corbin in a forgettable match.

Dominik Mysterio struggled against Corbin throughout this match. He looked far from his usual self while battling The King which came across as a huge disappointment following their brief confrontation on WWE SmackDown last week. There were very brief moments during which Dominik Mysterio looked promising, but they didn’t do anything to make his case due to the short duration.

We have seen the creative use King Corbin to push other Superstars on WWE SmackDown. Due to his reputation, Corbin ends up putting every single Superstar who feuds with him. This is a perfect opportunity for the creative to let Dominik Mysterio get back his momentum that he lost following his promising debut. Hopefully, the coming weeks will have a few interesting storylines in store for him, and we are not discounting a plausible heel turn. 

Published 24 Jan 2021
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