WWE SmackDown - 5 Possible surprises- Roman Reigns face to face with a living legend, Unexpected change in character, Heel vs. heel feud begins?

Roman Reigns could certainly be on the warpath this week
Roman Reigns could certainly be on the warpath this week
Riju Dasgupta

WWE SmackDown after Survivor Series is a reset that the entire brand needs, truth be told. The meaningless brand vs. brand feud has dragged on for far too long and it may be time to begin anew. With new feuds, new matches, and new eggless programming.

Nothing has yet been advertised for WWE SmackDown. It makes us wonder if there's a plan in place already or if it'll be one of those last-minute things. In any case, let's help the creative team out with our own list of exciting surprises.

Feel free to suggest your own in the comments below. And hey, if you want to poke holes in the WWE SmackDown surprises mentioned in this list, don't hesitate.

A humble request to leave golden eggs out of WWE SmackDown though.

#5 Roman Reigns' next WWE SmackDown opponent finally revealed

Leading into to Survivor Series, Sid Pullar from Sportskeeda had a chance to interact with Jeff Hardy, who said the following words:

"There's three I think, more than anything. The first is to be the Universal Champion, ideally, defeating Roman Reigns. That's one of my dream matches because his stuff is so powerful now. I got to mix it up with Seth [Rollins] and Dean [Ambrose] before he left. Roman's the one guy I never came in contact with. I just kind of feel like I belong in that story, and that I will belong in that story," said Hardy.

After his awesome performance at WWE Survivor Series, it stands to reason that he will confront Roman Reigns. No, he's not been booked as strongly as The Tribal Chief. But Hardy is a storyteller and he can certainly tell a great tale with the Champ.

It'll be frickin' awesome!

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