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WWE Smackdown Live December 13th Results: Analysing and Grading each segment

Dolph Ziggler is the number one contender for the WWE championship!

Dolph Ziggler gets another shot at the WWE title in two weeks’ time after a big win in the Fatal-four way main event

While Raw have their PPV, Roadblock: End of the Line to worry about this Sunday, Smackdown Live’s next PPV isn’t until January 29th, when the Royal Rumble 2017 takes place as a dual-brand PPV.

This meant that this week’s edition wasn’t in a rush to further storylines, but focused instead on laying the groundwork for the next few episodes. However, the matches on this week’s show were still significant, and that led to some good television.  

Smackdown’s tag teams clashed in a battle royal to determine the number one contenders for the Wyatts’ gold. Alexa Bliss defended her SD Women’s championship in a rematch from TLC, but an ‘injury’ to Bliss’ leg left Lynch with only a count-out win.

With James Ellsworth’s title shot cancelled due to him being ‘ill’, a splendid fatal-four way took place instead to determine the number one contender for AJ Styles’ WWE championship.

Overall, another strong episode of Smackdown Live, but which segments stole the show? Let’s find out, as I Analyse and Grade each segment from the December 13th edition of Smackdown Live.

#1 Miz TV with AJ Styles:

A chaotic brawl between Miz, Ambrose, Ziggler and Harper set up the main event for the episode

Grade: 8/10

This was a strong segment to open the show, and it was a nice way of setting up the main event for later on.

The Miz and AJ mocking Ellsworth was great, as was their brief heel camaraderie. Their tension was even better, however, with the two clashing about who was the better champion, showcasing how good a future feud could be between the two men.

A future babyface AJ vs heel Miz rivalry for the WWE championship would be welcome, and the matches would be splendid.

Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper getting involved was fun and chaotic, it further led to the announcement of the fatal-four-way match.

Ambrose hitting both Miz and Ziggler with Dirty Deeds was a nice touch, as he was portrayed as the no-nonsense, determined lunatic, attacking whoever (face or heel) got in his way.

It was great to see Harper involved in a high-profile position like this, and he wisely stood tall to close the segment. This was also a wise use of Ziggler, who had been directionless after his loss to Miz at TLC.

Overall, a solid segment that efficiently set up the fatal-four way to replace the cancelled James Ellsworth vs AJ Styles WWE championship match.

Note: John Cena’s return was advertised for the December 27th edition of SD Live. It will be great to see him return, he has been sorely missed by the blue brand.

Check out the segment here:

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