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WWE SmackDown Live Preview: February 7, 2017

Building up Elimination Chamber will be the major concern for WWE.

Cena has a target on his back

While Monday Night Raw was still beating around what happened at the Royal Rumble, SmackDown Live decided to focus on the future and began building up for Elimination Chamber. When WWE first announced that Elimination Chamber would be a SmackDown pay-per-view, there were some raised eyebrows but the way WWE booked last week’s SmackDown Live, silenced a lot of critics.

Now, WWE has to take forward this momentum and focus on the road ahead. Some exciting sub-plots have already been laid out for the upcoming show and just like every week, we are going to take a look at the possible segments that WWE could come up with.

#5 The Tag Team turmoil

American Alpha has their work cut

One notable booking decision that WWE made last week was booking the Tag Team turmoil match which was booked for Tag titles at Elimination chamber. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan will have to defend their title against five other teams and this was much needed in the division.

All the teams were overshadowed by how Royal Rumble was designed and the Tag team championships needed something different to bounce back.

While multi-tag team matches are bound to produce chaos when they finally happen, WWE has some interesting options during the buildup and since they have been on a good run, they are likely to carry forward this momentum for this storyline as well.

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