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WWE SmackDown Live Results 20th December 2016, Latest SmackDown Live winners, review and video highlights

An epic episode of SmackDown Live.

James Ellsworth was way out of his league

SmackDown Live came to us from Detroit, Michigan tonight and this was undoubtedly the best episode of SmackDown this year. The show was incredible from start to finish and not only featured stellar matches but incredible promos too.

Let’s get straight to the results from this very special episode of SmackDown Live.

AJ Styles (C) vs James Ellsworth (for the WWE World Championship)

Styles made quick work of James Ellsworth

James Ellsworth immediately went for the No Chin Music as soon as the bell rang but AJ easily blocked hit and hit him with a fury of strikes capped off with a spinning lariat. Styles then pinned Ellsworth for the win.

AJ Styles def. James Ellsworth

Styles viciously beat up Ellsworth after the match, first sending him face-first into the middle rope before taking him outside and sending him headfirst into the announcer’s table before launching him into the steel steps.

AJ then sent Ellsworth neck-first in the bottom part of the ring. AJ then looked to be leaving away but he returned as he was half-way up the ramp. He came back and hit a snap suplex into the barricade.

AJ cut a promo after the match, saying he just sent Ellsworth back to the island of misfit toys. Styles then announced then he was done with 2016 and was looking forward to 2017. At this point Dolph Ziggler’s music hit. Ziggler came out and said that his title shot was still left before AJ could look forward to 2017. AJ mocked Ziggler, calling him a loser. Ziggler hit back by saying that Styles needed 4 tries before he could beat James Ellsworth.

Baron Corbin’s music hit at this point. As Corbin entered the ring, AJ Styles left. Corbin confronted Ziggler, telling him that he didn’t deserve a chance at the title next week. He then hit Ziggler with a cheapshot before hitting the End Of Days and laying Dolph Ziggler out.

We saw Dolph Ziggler backstage with Daniel Bryan afterwards, demanding a match with Baron Corbin. Bryan told Ziggler he could have it if he put his title shot next week on the line and Ziggler agreed.

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