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WWE SmackDown Preview: 18 October, 2016

Kane to Wyatt Family?, The title shot of James Ellsworth and more.

Will we get more Ellsworth?

James Ellsworth. This was the major talking point of last week’s SmackDown. While WWE played their trump card (James Ellsworth in case you lost hold of the situation) and eliminated John Cena out of the situation, it opened up the door for shifting the focus back to Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles.

Elsewhere, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon went on to challenge Monday Night Raw for traditional Survivor Series matches.

There were some developments in the SmackDown mid-card as well in the week that went by. And as SmackDown does not have a brand specific pay-per-view to build up, whatever they do in this week and the upcoming weeks would have an impact on Survivor Series.

Here is a look at the things that they could come up with on this week’s SmackDown Live.

#5 Kane in Wyatt Family?

Will he shock us?

The tag team match involving Randy Orton, Kane and the Wyatt Family headlined last week’s SmackDown. At one point of the match, the lights went out and when it came back, Kane was missing from the apron.

Luke Harper was standing in his place and this helped the Wyatt Family get a win. No explanations were given to the disappearance but this week could be different.

A good angle that WWE could come up with is Kane joining the Wyatt Family. Kane needs something fresh to be relevant in the roster and the same applies to the Wyatt Family. Bray is best when he plays the role of a stable leader and having Kane in the Wyatt Family would capture everyone’s attention.

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