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WWE SmackDown Results, February 5th 2019, Latest SmackDown Live winners and video highlights

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We kicked off SmackDown with the former Women's Champion Charlotte Flair, as a video of Becky Lynch's attack on Stephanie McMahon from the prior night's RAW played on the Titantron. Charlotte said that her rogue behavior resulted in her getting suspended. Becky tried to interfere but was stopped by referees. Triple H entered the ring and said that Becky was suspended and she was not supposed to be there.

He then ordered Charlotte to go back to the locker room as it did not concern her. Triple H said that the only way she could get her suspension reversed is if she went to the doctor and got medically cleared. He ordered her to go home, and before he could leave the ring, Becky asked Triple H how his wife, Stephanie was after getting punched in the face on RAW. 

Triple H told Becky that she was not "The Man", but was just self-destructive. He then said that Becky had tried to be a "martyr" and that she clawed her way to the WrestleMania opportunity but now was trying to wriggle out of the Rousey match. He even accused her of faking her knee injury

Triple H then said that Becky was afraid that Ronda Rousey may expose her for the fraud that she is. Lynch had enough and slapped Triple H, and the two stared each other down before Becky smiled and walked away from the ring. 

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev vs. Gallows & Anderson

The former US Champions put on a great match
The former US Champions put on a great match

The match kicked off with Nakamura and Gallows before Karl Anderson was tagged in. Nakamura landed a kick to Anderson's face before Rusev tagged in. Anderson landed an uppercut before going over the top rope to land on both Rusev and Nakamura, as we headed into a commercial break. 

Nakamura had Anderson in a headlock; Anderson countered with a few chops before an uppercut on the former US Champion. Anderson then landed a spine buster and got a tag, while Rusev was also tagged in. Gallows landed a big boot; both men then clotheslined each other, as Lana ordered Nakamura to get up and go back to the ring to help Rusev. 

Anderson and Gallows went for the Magic Killer, but Nakamura disrupted the move. All four men were in the ring before Rusev landed a Matchka kick on Anderson and got the win.

Result: Rusev and Nakamura def. Gallows and Anderson

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