WWE Survivor Series: WarGames - 5 potential finishes for Seth Rollins vs. Austin Theory vs. Bobby Lashley

Who will walk out of WWE Survivor Series with the US Title?
Who will walk out of WWE Survivor Series with the US Title?

Over the last month, the WWE United States Championship has heated up big time. Much drama has surrounded the prestigious title, from open challenges that went awry to heinous assaults to unsuccessful Money in the Bank cash-ins.

United States champion Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, and Bobby Lashley will battle in a triple threat match for the US Title at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames in an unpredictable encounter that could go any way.

So, let's look at 5 potential finishes for this match:

#5 Bobby Lashley becomes a 4-time WWE US Champion in a dominating display of power and aggression.

The All Mighty has been on a tear recently.
The All Mighty has been on a tear recently.

Given the mood he's been in recently, Bobby Lashley is the odds-on favorite to win the match at Survivor Series and regain the WWE US Championship. Following a controversial loss to Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel, The All Mighty has embarked on a rampage, leaving all who stand in his way in a world of hurt.

Mustafa Ali has felt the brutality of the wrath of the former WWE Champion like no other. For three consecutive weeks, Ali has been on the receiving end of vicious beat-downs at Lashley's hands, including a squash match a couple of weeks ago. Theory and Rollins have also been brutalized by Lashley.

Unless A-Town Down and The Visionary team up to take The All Mighty out of the equation, neither one of them stands a chance of walking out of TD Garden as champion, especially if the finish is clean. Lashley wants the US Title and won't stop until he gets it.

A Lashley win would be dominating, so expect him to stack both men up for the three count.

#4 Austin Theory redeems himself by winning the WWE US Championship.

More alive than I’ve ever been🚀 #TheNow #alldayaustintheory #atowndown

On the same night Rollins hosted an open challenge, Theory opted to cash in his MITB contract on the weakened champion. However, an irate Lashley intervened mid-way through the match and attacked A-Town Down, allowing The Visionary to capitalize with a Stomp to retain the title.

The unsuccessful cash-in lit the fire inside Theory, who has undergone a drastic character transformation. This new version is borderline ruthless. He takes no more selfies, nor does he smile like an arrogant teenager. Arguably at rock bottom, the 25-year-old has embraced an aggressive side to redeem himself.

The redemption story of Austin Theory could begin at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, where he wins the US Championship for the second time in his career. This could further lead to a potential feud between Theory and Rollins, as The Visionary would most likely get a title shot.

#3 Seth Rollins retains the WWE US Championship through a clean victory.

Let's not take the reigning US Champion entirely out of the equation, as Seth Rollins has repeatedly shown that he deserves the US Title. Amid a character change, Rollins has taken on all-comers over the last month and a half.

Although his victories may not have been entirely clean, he has firmly hung on to his championship and is in no mood to lose it. Having said that, The Visionary will probably extend his title reign at WWE Survivor Series by adding another vital victory to his illustrious resume.

If the goal is to solidify the face turn, then the victory should be clean. No shenanigans, just a simple three-count following a competitive Triple Threat Match. More likely than not, Theory would take the pinfall.

#2 The Hurt Business reunites to help Bobby Lashley win the US Title.

Is a reunion on the cards?
Is a reunion on the cards?

This one is improbable, but it'd be immensely intriguing. The prior precedent to a Hurt Business reunion is Bobby Lashley's desire to reunite the faction, essentially guaranteeing it, and its premature demise in early 2021.

An excellent way to book a reunion would be for Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin to interfere in the Triple Threat Match and take out Rollins and Theory, allowing Lashley to pin either man to win the US Title again. The only problem here is MVP, currently aligned with Omos.

MVP also betrayed The All Mighty; thus, there is plenty of hostility between the two stars. A reunion, however, could occur without the veteran, but it'd be nice to have him and Omos on board too.

#1 Brock Lesnar returns to cost Bobby Lashley a massive win.


Brock Lesnar "survived" Bobby Lashley by the barest margins at Crown Jewel. Lesnar paid for his victory as Lashley assaulted and nearly choked his rival. Since that unconvincing win, The Beast Incarnate has not been seen on television.

Lesnar and Lashley are tied at one win apiece, and the stage is all set for the final rubber match. If the last encounter is due to occur at Royal Rumble 2023, WWE Survivor Series would be the perfect place to provide the spark it needs.

There is precedent to this. The former Universal Champion returned to assault Lashley on the October 10th edition of RAW, leaving him vulnerable to the eventual champion Rollins. What better way to gain revenge and stick it to Lashley than to cost him the US Title again?

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