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TNA Star cut from UK tour after locker room altercation

7.26K   //    30 Jan 2016, 14:58 IST
The Hardy family celebrating after Bound For Glory. Reby is on the extreme right

That Awesome Kong was supposedly sent home from TNA’s ongoing tour of the United Kingdom due to a beef with Reby Sky, who is the wife of current World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy is common news by now, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye, reports

According to PWInsider, Kong was unhappy about Reby attempting to get dressed in the same room as the one occupied by the Knockouts and reportedly threw Reby’s bag out of the room. Reby made use of the room occupied by the Knockouts for the first time and did not use it during the recent Impact Wrestling shoot, which took place in Bethlehem, PA.

After the bag throwing incident, Reby walk out of the room to probably report the incident to a TNA official, which is when Kong went after her and reprimanded her for not apologising for using the room when she came back to pick up her things.

Another, more serious, version is that Reby was grabbed by the neck and assaulted by Kong, before the latter was stopped by security and Pat Kenney (Simon Diamond). There’s a high chance of the second version being true as it’s been narrated by multiple sources.

What made the already ugly incident even more dire was the presence of Reby and Matt's son, who was reportedly nearby as the messy event unfolded. 

The incident could be the death knell for Awesome Kong’s TNA career for the second time, with the franchise having previously released the wrestler back in 2010 after an incident involving Bubba the Love Sponge.

The clash with Bubba, which he spoke of on his radio show, occoured after he passed some negative comments regarding the Haiti earthquake relief project, which caused Awesome Kong – who was a person actively involved in rasing funds for the project from the wrestling community – to attack him. This marked the beginning of the end of her TNA career, with her release coming in November 2012.

Awesome Kong has a history of outside-the-ring issues with other performers

Kong and Reby also have a long history of bad blood between them, originating back in 2013 when Reby took to Twitter slam WWE legend Sid Vicious for not turning up at an independent event.

This resulted in Kong taking a shot at Reby during her "YouShoot" interview in the "Ho Bag" segment. Reby was later asked to respond to Kong’s comments on her "" page. Reby, who labelled Kong a drug addict, wrote the following while answering the question:

"Not aware of this, if it is true. Doesn't make much sense, as I don't know her on a really personal level & we have been nothing but nice to each other in passing at shows. We've actually texted back & forth a few times, so if she now has a problem with me, I can only attribute it to one thing/person. Fake as f--k to be nice to my face & talk s--t to a camera if its true, but no shocker there. That's 99% of the women in this business anyway. Next."

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