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5 Top WWE Halloween moments

Seth Carter
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Trick or Treat?
Trick or Treat?

Whether you are flooded with the wonderful memories of your childhood or you are currently making memories with your children, Halloween is a very festive time for wrestling fans. WWE has not failed us in adding to the spirit of the holiday. Halloween episodes always have a wide variety of light-hearted, Halloween antics for the entire family to enjoy.

Halloween and professional wrestling have a long history of working together as a tag team. Grown men dressed up as clowns, fiends, dead men, degenerates, etc... Professional wrestling is a ready-made partner for the holiday. That's why one of WCW's biggest events of the year was Halloween Havoc.

Sadly, it doesn't look like we'll be getting any spooky Halloween themed segments out of the company this year. So for those of us WWE fans who do enjoy the traditional WWE Halloween hijinks, let us take a trip down memory lane.

We are going to remember five moments WWE has brought joy to our hearts with pumpkin-smashing fun.

Warning: This article will not include any WCW Halloween Havoc matches.

#5 Slater and Rhyno vs. Gallows and Anderson

Two years ago, we saw a classic "All Hallows' Eve Trick or Street Fight" between the Club's Gallows and Anderson and former SmackDown Tag Champs Rhyno and Heath Slater.

Slater and Rhyno came out dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus (blush and granny panties included) while Gallows and Anderson were dressed as Tex Ferguson and Chadd 2 Badd from the fictional Southpaw Regional Wrestling promotion.

Technically, Slater was "Santa Slater." Corey Graves had a hilarious line about the (not-so) technical wrestling action. Rhyno picked up a cream pie as Graves dryly called the action, stating, "Ladies and gentlemen, the Greco-Roman...pie to the face..."


The match involved the usual shenanigans such as bobbing for apples and candy corn colored kendo sticks. In the end, Anderson and Gallows got a little over-confident when Anderson attempted a second-rope jumping maneuver with a pumpkin over his head.

Mrs. Claus... I mean Rhyno caught him and put him through a table. Rhyno made the pin as Gallows (whom also had a pumpkin over his head) celebrated the loss. See, he thought the three count was in his favor but he had a giant pumpkin on his head. Classic.

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