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Top 5 WWE Rumors of the Week and Analysis: May 17, 2015

From Samoa Joe to Major returns set to happen, here is a look at the top rumors of this week.

Rumors 17 May 2015, 10:52 IST

WWE is all set to gift the fans another pay-per-view this Sunday and just like all the preceding ones, they have failed miserably in building up the show properly. While the company was struggling with the same on one side, the Internet was busy discussing all the interesting rumors that poked up during the last seven days.

Some of the major ones of the week saw Samoa Joe as the protagonist. A very strong speculation was dropped about the former TNA World Champion and if it materializes, then WWE fans are in for a treat. Elsewhere, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, rumored returns and Global Force Wrestling were the other major topics in the rumor mill and without any more introduction, here is a look at in depth look at all of them.

Seth Rollins as face of the company

Seth has earned a bad reputation backstage

The ratings for WWE have been going low ever since Seth Rollins became champion. This, however, is not going to cost him the championship till Summerslam but it has given Rollins a bad impression backstage. Most of the WWE officials have now concluded that Rollins is not good enough to draw as the face of the company and this might affect him badly on the longer run.

WWE might even think about never giving him the WWE championship again once he loses it. This would be a big setback for Rollins considering the solid work he does in between the ropes and he will have to do something spectacular rather than taking nude selfies before SummerSlam to raise his stock.

WWE thinking about turning Ambrose heel

It would be nearly impossible to turn Ambrose at Payback

The talks about Dean Ambrose turning heel reached a different level the past week after he was seen arguing with Roman Reigns. The two former Shield Members were clearly on the same page till then, but WWE dropped a hint last week on what could go down at Payback between the two.

It’s going to be every man for himself at the fatal four-way match on Sunday and, in theory, it would be difficult for WWE to pull off a heel turn even if they want to. The fans are probably going to cheer for Ambrose even if he lays out Reigns and Orton. This makes the post-Payback period the perfect place for his heel turn and anything before that would end up as a botch.

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