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WWE: Top 5 strongest wrestlers in the past 15 years

Ratish Menon
Modified 04 Oct 2013
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I was first drawn to professional wrestling because of the larger-than-life characters portrayed by the wrestlers. These larger than life figures are more often than not, some of the strongest people in sports and showcase absolutely superhuman feats of strength which makes us realise that we will never be like them in our lives! The wrestlers themselves aren’t given enough credit like the strongmens of the world get, because they do what the so-called strongmen can’t from an athletic standpoint.

With the resurgence of showcasing feats of strength in the company, I felt it would be a good idea to run down a list of the top 5 strongest wrestlers to have displayed feats of strength in the WWE in the last 15 years. This list is not exhaustive and certain omissions are glaring but necessary, keeping in mind that the criteria is ‘WWE’.



While the character of Ryback on the outset seems like it’s been ripped off fellow powerhouse Goldberg, what amazes is the fact that ‘The Human Wrecking Ball’ is every bit as strong as the latter and in the first 6 months of his debut, displayed some amazing feats of strength that got him a lot of fans among kids and men who had not seen anything like him in a very long time.
Among his many displays of strength, the most notable being his finishing move ‘Shell Shock’ being delivered on guys like Mark Henry, Tensai, Khali etc. The move requires tremendous amount of strength and Ryback owns the move like no one else can…or will!

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Published 04 Oct 2013, 20:12 IST
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