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5 Times we enjoyed seeing a Superstar take a beating

J. Carpenter
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John Cena took the beating of his life, at the hands of Brock Lesnar. 

Professional wrestling is pretty simple to understand. Even if you're brand new to the scene and having to take a crash course in "wrestling fans for dummies," the concept is really easy to comprehend. You take a good guy, you place him or her in a ring with a bad guy and in the end, you have one winner....

With that idea in mind, every once in a while, someone comes along with whom it doesn’t matter if they're a babyface or a heel, regardless of how hard a company tries to push them as the "face of the company" or any other angles that might be used to attempt to turn you into a huge fan of that particular person, you just can't stand them. They don't necessarily have to do anything in particular to get under your skin but you just can't stand the mere sight of this person. This is the type of person that fans take pleasure in watching them take a beat-down.

Throughout the storied history of professional wrestling, there have been matches where someone has taken a beating so severe, you question whether or not that was actually a work or not. Then there are those instances where you have zero doubt that something went wrong and for one reason or another, some legit blows were thrown. 

Here's a look at five times when we as fans, took pleasure in someone else's unfortunate beating. 

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