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WWE Total Divas: 10 Shocking revelations we come to know from the show

  • This research piece explores ten revelations about WWE Total Divas.
Sarah Hirsch
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Modified 05 Nov 2016, 11:45 IST

#4 Save and boost

Total Divas is rumored to have saved Rosa Mendes’ job

For The Bella Twins and Natalya, the show has predominately featured the ladies since the show began. Paige started on the show in Season 3 and has become popular. One could argue why the ladies chose to be on the show, but for Natalya, it gave her the spotlight she needed in the ring. 

Many fans were surprised to see Rosa Mendes added to the show in its third season. Mendes was highly rumoured to be on the chopping block until the show called for her. Now that Mendes is a mother and engaged, she doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon.

Perhaps the most controversial woman on the show is Eva Marie. A known model pre-WWE, fans have given the red haired vixen a hard time from the day she started. She started on the show as someone who just started with the company, and it has been a rollercoaster ride from there with her. 

#5 It brought The Bellas back

The second time around proved golden for the twins

It is no secret that The Bella Twins are the stars of Total Divas. It was known too that the twin sisters took a year break to try their hand at acting, which didn’t seem to work out. 

I keep thinking back to AJ Lee’s pipe bombshell where she says, “Women who have turned to reality television because they aren’t gifted enough to be actresses”. That line right there said it all for me, and we all know how the Bellas reacted when she said that.

The second time around in WWE has played out well for the Twins. While they did get better in the ring, they continuously catch flack because of the show, and the fact their significant others influence backstage happenings. They may be more famous and popular now, but we all know Total Divas was key to bringing the twins back to the company.

#6 Not everyone’s favourite

AJ Lee along with other Superstars did not want to be on the show

While Total Divas give today’s women of WWE many pros over cons, not everyone is on board. Stars such as Lee and Sasha Banks have refused to take part in the show. They prefer to work on their craft, which speaks volumes, along with the transition the entire Women’s Division has been a part of. 

It made Lee the dark horse against the other Divas during her time with the company; a one-woman army if you will.

It comes down to a matter of preference, and also those who aren’t on the show enjoy their privacy too. Cast members have said in various interviews there is little to no privacy during filming. It’s much sacrifice when it comes to downtime however you look at it.

Published 31 Oct 2016, 17:42 IST
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