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WWE Toys: The best and the worst made toys of WWE superstars

Listing the 10 best and the 10 worst WWE toys of all time

They couldn’t afford to screw up with Undertaker’s action figure!

WWE toys have captured the hearts of millions of wrestling fans ever since the Wrestling Superstars line was released in 1984 by toy-makers, LJN. These were the first action figures based on Superstars of the then known WWF. Following LJN’s footsteps, California-based Mattel also started manufacturing WWE toys. Mattel had a big hand in creating the collector-oriented “Elite” series.

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Figures based on Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, and more have graced the shelves of many WWE fans comprising children and adults. All these toys are made with precise details, and these toys are constantly updated as and when a superstar changes his looks. Some of the best selling toys are Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H to name a few.

Top 10 Best WWE Toys:

1.) The Ultimate Warrior (World Championships Line)

Mattel has made a lot of Ultimate Warrior action figures but the one from the Mattel World Championships line is simply perfect. The World Championships edition of Warrior expertly managed to capture the intensity and the likeness of the Ultimate One.

2.) Macho Man Randy Savage (Defining Moments Series)

Randy Savage’s colourful attire from Wrestlemania VII has been perfectly captured in the “Defining Moments” series. From the signature tassels to the purple-and-white shades over his eyes, this figure is a reminder of the night Savage reunited with Miss Elizabeth and won back the hearts of the WWE Universe.

3.) The Undertaker (Elite Series 23)

With his ominous attire from Wrestlemania XII, the signature purple gloves, wide-brimmed hat and cloth striped tie, Mattel’s Flashback version of the Undertaker, part of the Elite Series 23 became an instant fan favourite when it debuted at the 2013 San-Diego Comic Con. Along with Taker’s entire getup also came a “Phantom of the Opera-esq” mask that made the figure look even more menacing.

4.) John Cena (Elite Series 23)

Mattel has made several John Cena action figures in the past, but the one they made in 2013 topped all their previous creations. The figure comes with Cena’s t-shirt celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his WWE debut, and tan cargo shorts. The figure also has the most detailed rendition of Cena’s face

5.) “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (Defining Moments Series):

Mattel as a part of its “Defining Moments” series recreated Stone Cold Steve Austin from his infamous 1999 segment of Monday Night RAW, in which he drove a beer truck in the arena and doused Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon and The Rock with beer.

Steve Austin’s action figure comes with his hunting jacket, hat and trademark “Austin 3:16” t-shirt. Also, with the attire comes a plastic gold chain which Steve Austin wore.

6.) Vince McMahon (LJN)

In the 1980’s, all the WWE action figures were made with hard rubber, and one of the most treasured toys from this line is Vince McMahon’s very first action figure. Before he was the most evil entity in the WWE, he used to be one of the leading play-by-play commentators and this action figure with his trademark red blazer, warm smile, and microphone in hand captures that part of his life perfectly.

7.) Diesel (Classic Superstars Line)

While Kevin Nash has had a lot of action figures based on him, Diesel wasn’t given that much of a spotlight when it came to action figures. However, all of that changed when Big Daddy Cool was given the much-deserved attention when WWE released him in the 11th wave of Classic Superstars Line. With his gloved hand, his long black hair, and the “Winged Eagle”, WWE Championship Diesel finally got the attention he deserved.

8.) CM Punk (Elite Series 11)

CM Punk has had a lot of action figures made by Mattel, but the one which really stands out is the one the toy company released shortly after Punk’s infamous “Pipe Bomb”. Punk was the leader of the Nexus when the toy was released and, thus comes with the Nexus T-shirt, Nexus Armband, and Trunks in the colours of the Chicago Flag.

9.) Cactus Jack (KB Toys-Exclusive)

In the days before when toy companies didn’t have the necessary technology through which they could scan a Superstars’ head and create an action figure out of it, this 1998 KB Toys-exclusive 3-pack Cactus Jack, which came along with Mankind and Dude Love captured the hardcore insanity of Jack with his wild-eyed stare and toothless grin.

Also, Jack’s “Wanted” T-shirt made it a must have figure amongst collectors.

10.) Brock Lesnar (Elite Series 19)

After Brock Lesnar made his return to the WWE in 2012, fans started waiting for the day when they could get their hands on a Brock Lesnar Action Figure. Soon enough, Mattel delivered, and released Brock Lesnar as a part of their Elite Series 19. Lesnar’s size and look were quite huge when compared to the other action figures.

Lesnar’s action figure came with just a T-shirt as an accessory, but his facial expressions and tattoos were so accurate that it became a must-have figure amongst all the collectors.

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