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Professional wrestling fans play a big part in the industry, as they’re the source of turnover for an organization. More often than not, you see the promoters or bookers catering to the fans, as ultimately, they’re the ones who dictate if the product they’re watching is worth the money they spend. If a company is unable to please these fans, and do anything which turns them off, they suffer financially and inevitably go bankrupt. As they say, the business is a circus and the fans are the audience who decide to watch the performance or not.

Sometimes, the difference between the performance and reality gets blurred, which happens when the fans take things too seriously. One has to remember that these performers risk their lives every time they step into the ring, and hence, they have the fate of their opponent in their hands. One wrong move and it can prove fatal. As such, the performers take things seriously if they feel threatened by someone else.

There have been instances in professional wrestling when the fans forgot that what they were watching isn’t a soap opera. They aren’t watching two performers putting on just a show. Professional wrestling is arguably the most dangerous sport there is, and as such, with all the moonsaults and the piledrivers, they take extra precaution not to end up six feet under. But there were times when the fans got too close to action, and took things a little too seriously, invading the privacy, and sometimes, even the matches of these performers! In this article, I take a look at five such instances when the fans crossed the line between the two worlds.

5. Eddie Guerrero vs RVD (Ladder match)

All wrestling matches have equal risks. But when foreign objects are involved, that’s when the odds of someone getting seriously injured increases to greater levels, especially during ladder matches. Who can forget how severely Joey Mercury got injured during one of the ladder matches? So, when a fan gets involved out of nowhere, and pushes the ladder, it can result in the performer getting seriously injured, and that was what happened during a ladder match between Eddie and RVD. A fan rushed to the ring and pushed the ladder, but fortunately, Eddie landed on his feet and landed a couple of shots on the lunatic fan, as he was rushed out of the ring by the officials.

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Published 01 Jul 2013, 22:47 IST
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