10 terrible deaths of WWE Superstars

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero

The Professional Wrestling business is not about the sunshine and rainbows, it was always about men and women going to the limits just to make the fans cheer their name or just go wild seeing them.

Though the business brings in fame and superstardom for most of the wrestler who tried their luck, one thing that comes along with those advantages is the tragedies. Ever since its inception, professional wrestling has been synonymous with tragedy at various points leaving the wrestler in a traumatic dilemma.

Despite being faced with such grief dangers, these wrestlers usually gets dragged into the pleasure of being hurt themselves and ends up giving their life as the price.

The number of wrestlers dying over the past few decades has been very high with Nelson Frazier Jr. being the latest addition into that list. So let’s take a look at ten names  who started their career dreaming of being the best professional wrestler and ended up as the tragic lessons for the generations to come.

10- Test (Age- 33)



The fans who have been following WWE from the attitude Era days might’ve not forgotten the name Test that easily.

Though he wasn’t a big name like many others in the list, Test was someone who was stuck in between the gap between upper midcard and main event. The pushes that he had never really clicked and he was left floundering down the card despite having the skills to top the charts.

Apart from WWE, Test even had spells in some independent promotions and TNA before retiring from in ring action.

However, he didn’t have much time to spent retirement as Test died due to an overdose of oxycodone just three days before his 34th birthday. It was then later revealed that he was suffering from a chronic brain injury which was caused by blows to the heads which might’ve happened while wrestling.

9- Umaga (Age- 36)



After starting off his career as part of various tag teams in the WWE, Eddie Fatu finally found his footing in the business with the character, Umaga.

His new character gave new dimensions for him as a superstar and Umaga soon found himself entangled in the WWE picture with big names like John Cena. he also was a focal point of the WrestleMania show off between Donald Trump and Vince McMahon as Umaga was the handpicked representative to McMahon.

But after that he was relegated into the intercontinental title scene and soon left the company. in 2009, Umaga was found dead with blood coming out of his nose which was later declared as a heart attack. It was later revealed that Umaga clearly violated many of the WWE talent wellness policy and were using many drugs which eventually contributed to his death.

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