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John Cena Net worth 2016


WWE superstar John Cena's net worth will blow your mind!

John Cena has Won the WWE Championship a record 15 times.

John Cena’s legacy speaks for itself. The man is a 15-time World Champion, 5-time United States Champion, 2-time Royal rumble winner and has won Money in the bank once too. What gets more overshadowed by his in-ring accolades, is that he is a record-setting Make A Wish granter. Like him or not, Cena has represented the franchise for over a decade. Given the moniker of “The Face that Runs the Place”, Cena has left his mark in the industry and has built a legacy for himself. Hence, John Cena’s net worth will be a mind boggling figure! 

According to Forbes 2016, John Cena is earning $3,500,020 per year and a winning bonus of $1,166,673. Also, add to that his royalty checks from merchandise and related appearances, and John Cena is a rich man. He has a market value of $17,500,100.

Hailing from West Newbury, Massachusetts, Cena was drawn to bodybuilding in his early years, and subsequently wrestling. It wasn’t a rosy path for John as he had to start from the very bottom. He wrestled numerous dark matches before he got is debut against Kurt Angle in an episode of SmackDown on June 27, 2002.

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Armed with Ruthless Aggression and a hunger to succeed, Cena may have lost the match but he surely made an instant impact. He then  the personality of a rapper raining a flurry of insults on anyone that dared to step into the ring with him. 

He upstaged JBL at WrestleMania 21 to win his first WWE championship and there has been no looking back since. Fast forward a few years and Cena was the face of the company spearheading its public campaigns such as Be A Star, Tribute to the Troops, Make A Wish and Susan G. Komen.

Apart from this he has been in the main event of numerous pay per views and headlined WrestleMania two times with the Rock. He also won the Royal Rumble matches in 2008 and 2013.

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Cena’s net worth is currently pegged at a whopping $35,000,000. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Cena is earning almost $10 million per year from WWE alone. This number appears to be reliable as other superstars such as Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar are said to be minting cash at figures that are only slightly shy of Cena’s alleged annual salary.

Cena has ruled the market too with off the charts merchandise sales for the better part of a decade. As recently as November 2015, Cena was reported to be at the top of the merchandise charts with Roman Reigns following at second.

Cena has ruled the charts when it comes to merchandise sales

Cena has also ventured into Hollywood. He has dipped his feet in a number of Hollywood action flicks such as The Marine and 12 Rounds. He also showcased his brilliant comic timing besides Amy Schumer in Trainwreck.

He is also the front runner for bagging the lead role in Mark Millar’s critically acclaimed comic book movie Superior. Cena was handpicked by Fox to host and executive produce the first season of American Grit. He will soon be out of the WWE for some time again, later this year, to start shooting for the second season of the reality show.

Cena also has a passion for collecting vintage cars and is the owner of a bunch of powerful vintage beauties. Some drool-worthy mentions from his collection are the 1969 COPO Camaro, the 1969 Dodge Daytone, the 1971 Plymouth Road Runner, and the 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge.

Cena currently has a privately owned land in the community of Nature’s Reserve in Land O’ Lakes, Florida. His waterfront home is valued at roughly $750,000 when he bought it and includes numerous luxuries such as a boat dock and swimming pool. 

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