5 real-life love stories in AEW you probably didn't know

Real-life love stories in AEW you probably didn't know
Real-life love stories in AEW you probably didn't know

Currently, there are several couples in the AEW locker room. Although there are some famous ones, there are others lesser-known.

Many AEW stars are dating wrestlers in WWE and other promotions. A few are also in love with fellow AEW colleagues. Cody and Brandi Rhodes are probably the most famous couple in AEW as they play a crucial role in running the company. There are also other well-known partners, like Adam Cole and Britt Baker.

However, there are a few real-life love stories in the AEW locker room that fans might not know. A few of these lesser-known couples keep their relationship under the radar. They rarely post photos together or speak about their love stories in public.

Here are five real-life love stories in AEW you probably didn't know.

#5. AEW stars Lee Johnson and Julia Hart

AEW stars Lee Johnson and Julia Hart are officially dating.

Many wrestling fans may not know that AEW stars Lee Johnson and Julia Hart are dating. The two wrestlers have no pictures together and rarely address each other on social media. Nonetheless, they recently revealed their relationship on an episode of Cody and Brandi Rhodes' reality show Rhodes To The Top.

On the first episode of Rhodes To The Top, Johnson and Hart requested to talk to Cody.

"Julia and I just want to let you know that her and I are together," Johnson told AEW's Executive Vice President.

Cody Rhodes replied to Johnson's revelation by congratulating the couple.

Both Lee Johnson and his new girlfriend have trained and graduated from Cody Rhodes' Nightmare Factory training school. While Johnson joined the Nightmare Family in AEW, Julia Hart has aligned herself with the Varsity Blondes.

Lee Johnson & Julia Hart are a couple? Had no idea Big Shotty Lee with the W#AEW #AEWRampage #AEWDynamite

So far, Julia Hart has competed in 16 matches in AEW. She has seven victories and nine defeats. Her latest win came against Reka Tehaka on Dark last month.

Hart's boyfriend, however, has competed in 59 matches. He lost 40 and won only 19.

#4. AEW stars Kiera Hogan and Diamante

After performing for several years on the independent circuit and in IMPACT Wrestling, Diamante signed with AEW in 2020. Over a year and a half later, Diamante's girlfriend, Kiera Hogan, officially joined her in the company.

The two AEW stars have been in a relationship for a few years. In July 2019, Hogan made their relationship public as she sent a message to her girlfriend on Instagram.

"When I’m with you, I act different. In a good way. I smile more and I laugh more. I don’t have to pretend everything is ok when it’s really not. With you, I can drop the fake smile and put on a real one. I don’t feel hurt and alone when I’m with you. You’re easy to talk to, you listen to me, you understand me. I don’t have to worry about holding back with you. I don’t feel self conscious. I don’t ever feel insecure or sad, you show me that you really do care. With you it’s not just an act. You bring out my best self and I really appreciate your company. With you I’m different. With you I’m happy. What I have with you, I don’t want that with anyone else," Hogan wrote.

A few days later, Diamante also posted a photo with her girlfriend on Instagram. Along with the picture, the 30-year-old sent Hogan a message too.

Hogan and Diamante shared the ring only a few times throughout their careers. They both recently participated in the Casino Battle Royale at AEW All Out.

#3. AEW stars Alan Angels and Robyn Renegade

Alan Angels wrestled for nearly four years on the independent circuit before debuting in AEW in April 2020. The 23-year-old later became a member of The Dark Order stable.

Angels' girlfriend is also a wrestler. The Dark Order member has been dating Robyn Renegade for a few years. She recently joined AEW, making her debut last May in a match against Thunder Rosa on AEW Dark.

Renegade has competed in seven matches so far in AEW and lost them all. Her boyfriend, nonetheless, has competed in 56 AEW matches. He only won 22 and lost 34.

Away from the squared circle, the couple is not shy about showing their love for each other on social media. Renegade has posted several photos with her boyfriend on Instagram in the past few months. The latest picture of them together on Renegade's Instagram account dates back to July. In the photo, they appeared to be enjoying their time on the beach.

Angel has also shared a few photos with his 21-year-old girlfriend on his Instagram in the past few months.

#2. AEW stars Serpentico and Skyler Moore

Serpentico made his AEW debut in March 2020 after years of competing in other promotions, including IMPACT Wrestling and WWE. The 37-year-old then formed the Chaos Project tag team with Luther.

Serpentico has been in a relationship with fellow wrestler Skyler Moore for a few years. Moore is also competing in AEW. She debuted in AEW three months before her boyfriend. Although she has wrestled in 13 matches so far, Moore is yet to score a single victory.

Serpentico has eleven victories to his name in AEW. He has also lost a shocking number of bouts like his girlfriend. The 37-year-old suffered defeat in 65 matches.

Before joining AEW, the couple went head-to-head inside the squared circle at a Mayhem On Mills event in December 2019. After an entertaining match, Moore defeated her boyfriend.

Away from the ring, Serpentico and Skyler Moore are both active on social media. They regularly share photos of themselves backstage at AEW events and on dates.

Although they seem inseparable behind the scenes, Serpentico and Moore are yet to work together in AEW.

#1. AEW stars Leyla Hirsch and Ashley Vox

Leyla Hirsch started competing in AEW in October 2020. She lost her debut match against Hikaru Shida on AEW Dark. Two months later, her girlfriend Ashley Vox debuted in AEW, too.

Unlike her girlfriend, Vox has not officially signed with AEW. Nonetheless, she has competed in the AEW ring several times in the past year. Vox has had eight matches so far. She scored two victories and suffered six defeats. Hirsch's girlfriend lost to Red Velvet on AEW Dark in her last bout so far last June.

Hirsch, however, is a regular competitor in AEW. She has a better win/loss record than her girlfriend. She competed in 31 matches and won 19 of them. Hirsch has not wrestled in AEW since last month. In her last bout, she lost to Jade Cargill on Dynamite.

Despite both wrestling in Tony Khan's company, Vox and Hirsch have never shared an AEW ring. Nevertheless, they have teamed up twice in tag team matches in other promotions. The couple lost both tag team matches.

Like some other couples on this list, Vox and Hirsch are active on social media. They have shared several photos of themselves on Instagram, expressing their love for each other.

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