AEW Dark Results: Major title match, Star uses Claymore kick to win, Top wrestler returns to the ring - 23rd March 2021

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.
Modified 24 Mar 2021
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AEW was back for a massive edition of the regular broadcast of AEW Dark that featured 14 matches. An FTW title match was the major attraction on the show, including a female star's in-ring return.

On that note, let's get to the first match of the evening on AEW Dark:

#1. Chaos Project vs. Alex Reynolds & John Silver on AEW Dark

John Silver.
John Silver.

Serpentico and Silver kicked off the episode with a quick mat return. Silver elevated Serpentico over the top with a back body drop.

Silver then caught Serpentico with an uppercut, aka the single bicep shot. Reynolds got the tag, and they worked in tandem for a double drop toehold and dropkicks.

Serpentico tagged Luther, and the Chaos Project member ate a series of punches and forearm strikes.

Serpentico held Reynolds' feet from the apron while Luther distracted the referee. Chaos Project was now on top, and they used their trademark offense on Reynolds.

Luther used Serpentico as a weapon to punish Reynolds in the corner. The audience booed as Luther connected with a big clothesline. Serpentico got the tag, and he was bulldogged onto Reynolds, which gave Chaos Project a two-count.


The action moved to the outside, and Reynolds shut Serpentico down with a big boot. Luther was aware of Reynolds' entry into the ring, and the Dark Order member was carefully placed on the top turnbuckle.

Reynolds kicked Luther and delivered a big moonsault press from the top. Silver got the hot tag, and he rushed into the ring as he was shot off a cannon.

Silver single-handedly overpowered Luther and Serpentico with a German suplex-kick combo. Serpentico pulled Silver back and hit a kick. Luther slammed Serpentico onto Silver, and he called for the Creeping Death. Reynolds knocked Serpentico off the turnbuckle and took Luther out with a tope suicida.

Silver and Serpentico continued the in-ring action. The Meat Man rocked Serpentico with a barrage of kicks, but Serpentico responded with an enziguri.

Johnny Hungy, however, knew that the finish was near. The Dark Order hit a double kick combo, and Silver followed it with a Release German suplex.

They finally hit the Dark Destroyer for the win on AEW Dark.

Result: Alex Reynolds & John Silver def. Chaos Project on AEW Dark

Grade: B

#2. SCU vs. Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson on AEW Dark

Best Moonsault Ever!
Best Moonsault Ever!

Isaacs and Kazarian started with a hard-fought tie-up. Isaacs got some wrist control, but Kazarian flipped over and arm-dragged Isaacs to the mat.

Nelson got the tag, and Kazarian went to his corner to get Daniels into the match. SCU hit a four-kick combo before Daniels continued the dominance for his team. Daniels slammed Nelson across the ring from the hammer throw.

Nelson scoop slammed Daniels and tagged Isaacs. SCU used all their experience to control the match until this point.

However, Nelson and Isaacs created a 2v1 situation against Daniels and stunned him with a kick. Isaacs executed an excellent deadlift fisherman's suplex. He followed it up with a few headbutts before going to his corner.

Nelson and Isaacs executed an assisted leg drop. Nelson gloated before connecting with a few forearm strikes from the full mount position. Isaacs was back in, and he dropped CD with a clothesline for a two-count. Daniels blocked a suplex, but he ate an elbow to the guts.

Daniels, however, executed a back heel trip, aka the STO, that gave him the time to tag Kazarian.

Frankie was on a roll as he brought out a plethora of moves on both opponents, including the shotgun dropkick, a forearm strike, and a leg drop.

Kazarian got a two-count from a sunset flip and followed it with a big springboard twisting leg drop. Nelson stopped SCU from delivering their finisher.


All hell broke loose in the ring as all four men engaged in a quick sequence, and in the end, Daniels hit the Best Moonsault Ever on Isaacs for the victory on AEW Dark.

Result: SCU def. Royce Isaacs & Jorel Nelson on AEW Dark

Grade: B+

#3. Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) vs. Miranda Alize on AEW Dark

Ford vs. Alize.
Ford vs. Alize.

Penelope rushed towards Alize immediately after the bell went off, but Miranda was quick and used her agility to send Ford to the outside.

Penelope caught Alize's leg, and she connected with a few punches. Alize got a roll-up, but Ford managed to kick out.

Penelope Ford executed an insane double-knee drop on Alizee on the apron. Kip Sabian, too, was stunned by his wife's ingenuity and viciousness.

Ford began to wear Alize down, but Miranda responded with a series of punches. She ate an elbow strike while Ford also absorbed an elbow shot.

Ford dropped Alize with a high-round kick for a two-count.

Alize reversed the springboard stunner into a ripcord knee lift strike for a pinfall attempt. Ford dropped Alize with a drop toehold, and she then hit a shotgun dropkick to the back.

Ford hit a gutbuster, followed by the bridged Fisherman's Suplex for the win on AEW Dark.


Result: Penelope Ford def. Miranda Alize on AEW Dark

Grade: C

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Published 24 Mar 2021, 08:33 IST
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