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5 interesting stories about the origins of WWE finishers

Some iconic finishers have interesting origin stories
Some iconic finishers have interesting origin stories
Ali Akber
Modified 24 Dec 2020, 23:55 IST
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Many WWE Superstars use some exclusive finishers to win matches. These are moves which they came up with themselves. Brock Lesnar’s F5 is one of the most exclusive and destructive finishers the WWE Universe has ever seen.

The interesting thing is that there are several top former and current WWE Superstars who weren’t too happy when they saw some other Superstar use their finisher in the ring. Since the finisher of every wrestler is very important, as it is what helps them win matches, there are several interesting stories attached to the origins of a few in WWE.

From taking days to perfect a certain finisher to performing it for the first time in the ring without any practice, let’s look at 5 interesting stories about the origins of WWE finishers.

#5 Tight leather pants helped Drew McIntyre come up with the Claymore Kick finisher in WWE

Let’s begin with the finisher that helped Drew McIntyre slay The Beast at WrestleMania 36 and win his first WWE Championship. The Claymore Kick looks like one of the most lethal wrestling finishers in the industry. It’d be scary to stand across from a 265lbs man, knowing that he’s going to kick you with full force right in the face.

McIntyre is currently using the Claymore to perfection in WWE, but that wasn’t the finisher he walked in with during his first stint with the company. McIntyre was the guest on the latest edition of Broken Skull Sessions hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin and revealed that he came up with the move during a match while performing with 3MB:

"It was brought to me because of 3MB. The greatest thing that 3MB ever gave me was the Claymore. If you remember the beginning of 3MB, we had the super tight leather pants that the office made because I certainly did not have them commissioned."

The Scottish Psychopath further went on to tell the hilarious story of how the leather pants he was wearing accidentally led to the Claymore Kick:

"I'm running around in those 80s tight rock and roll pants and I was running to give a boot in the first match that I had in those leather pants, and as I was running, raising my leg for the boot, I realize 'oh, these things are going to split at the crotch'. I don't want my crotch to split, so I kicked up the other leg, knocked out my opponent and knocked myself out at the same time. Like, I remember getting up, doing an arm ringer after I did the maneuver, let the arm go, walked across the ring, tagged out and fell to the floor because I'd knocked myself silly. Got to the back and someone pulled me aside and said, 'If you can do that move without killing yourself you've got something cool there.' And I worked on it, worked on it, and I used it as a part of 3MB as my big maneuver that I would use, but it was created because of those tight leather pants."

Thankfully, McIntyre did not injure himself while delivering the first-ever Claymore Kick and has managed to perfect it, to perform it safely in the ring. McIntyre’s leather pants have helped him become a two-time WWE Champion in the company. What else could he ask for?

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Published 24 Dec 2020, 23:55 IST
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