AEW Dark Results - Mysterious masked men debut, Hangman Page in massive main event, Fan-favorite destroyed (11th January 2022)

The latest episode had 14 matches and Hangman Page's first-ever bout on Dark.
The latest episode had 14 matches and Hangman Page's first-ever bout on Dark.
Lennard Surrao

This week's AEW Dark was no regular episode as the promotion offered a Super Show featuring world champion Adam Page.

The incredibly stacked card had some high-stakes matches and several top talents, so let's not waste any more time and get right to the action.

Capt. Shawn Dean vs. Liam Cross (AEW Debut) on AEW Dark

After his win over #MJF last week, #TheCaptain @ShawnDean773 was looking to add another one to the W column at #AEWDark tonight, and was successful with a victory over the debuting @splx_every1!Catch #AEWDark here right NOW!▶️

Shawn Dean captured Cross' wrists to begin the in-ring proceedings on Dark. The AEW debutant got in a few elbows from the apron and a smooth senton back inside the ring.

Dean recuperated fairly quickly and landed two chops and clotheslines, followed by a spear in the corner. The Captain hit the DDT, executed a kip-up, and positioned his opponent for a top-rope move. Dean finished the match with a high-elevation diving splash.

Result: Capt. Shawn Dean def. Liam Cross

Grade: B

Anthony Ogogo vs. Baron Black

Anthony Ogogo had a solid match with the technically-sound Baron Black.
Anthony Ogogo had a solid match with the technically-sound Baron Black.

Anthony Ogogo tried to execute a blindsided attack, but Black ducked and brawled with the former boxer.

Baron delivered a Manhattan drop and a T-bone suplex towards the corner. Ogogo responded with a clean suplex and shoved his boot into Black's throat. Anthony showed off his power with a delayed body slam before bouncing around the ring for his warm-up routine.

Black punched Ogogo's stomach to create some space but The Factory member charged in with a massive uppercut and a follow-up clothesline. Ogogo then pulled up on the cover and put Black in the fireman's carry position. Baron landed three chops as the fans got behind him.

Black targeted Ogogo's left arm before delivering an atomic drop and a hammerlock-backstabber combo. He got a two-count and transitioned to the crossface submission.

Ogogo planted Black into the mat with a fireman's carry slam. He backed his opponent into the corner and placed him on the top buckle. Anthony executed the Tower of London, dragged Black's lifeless body towards the center, and covered for the three-count.

Result: Anthony Ogogo def. Baron Black

Grade: B+

Alex Marvez interviewed Matt Hardy backstage ahead of his Dark match.

Red Velvet vs. Shalonce Royal

Red Velvet picked up another win on Dark.
Red Velvet picked up another win on Dark.

Shalonce wasted no time and attacked Red Velvet before the bell. Velvet fired back with a shot to the midsection but ate repeated knees in return.

Royal executed a snap suplex and popped the crowd with her opera singing. Velvet countered with a crossbody before landing a single-leg dropkick. She followed through with the double knees to the back and a kick to the gut. Velvet got the winning pin with her Final Slice finisher.

Result: Red Velvet def. Shalonce Royal

Grade: B-

Gunn Club vs. Marcus Kross, T.I.M. & Patrick Scott (Trios Debut)

It seemed as though 2/3 of the #GunnClub weren't happy with current state of affairs at #AEWDark, leaving @RealBillyGunn to deal w/ @TheMarcusKross, @TheInfinite_Man & @ItsPatrickScott on his own! Another W for the #GunnClub!#AEWDark is on right NOW!▶️

Billy Gunn joined his boys a little late but got the biggest pop as he cherished every step towards the ring. Austin Gunn grabbed the microphone and warned the crowd against calling them 'a** boys.'

Austin and Colten left the ring as they weren't happy with the fan reactions. Billy Gunn was left alone as he competed in a three-on-one handicap match.

Big Pappa Gunn cleared the ring and hit the Famouser on Patrick Scott for the win.

Result: Gunn Club def. Marcus Kross, T.I.M. & Patrick Scott (AEW Trios Debut)

Grade: C

Daniel Garcia cut a backstage promo and promised to take down Fuego Del Sol in their singles match later. He also had a message for Sammy Guevara as he eyed the interim TNT Championship.

Tay Conti & Anna Jay vs. Charlette & Robyn Renegade (AEW Tag Team Debut)

Tay Conti and Anna Jay showcased their tag team chemistry on Dark.
Tay Conti and Anna Jay showcased their tag team chemistry on Dark.

Tay-Jay got a great ovation as Conti kicked off the match against Charlette. The identical twins started on the front foot as they isolated Conti.

The Renegade sisters lost focus and conceded control of the match to the Brazilian star. Conti charged in for a running back elbow before hitting a few tag team strikes with Anna Jay.

Jay cracked Robyn with elbows and high kicks, followed by a flipping neckbreaker for a two-count. The Renegades went for a vertical delayed suplex, but Jay stayed in the match with a timely kickout.

Jay finally made the tag to Conti after executing a lawbreaker. The former WWE star landed two strikes and a stiff German suplex. She hit the Tay-KO, followed by two pumps kicks in the corner.

Conti executed a cutter, but Robynn came in to break the pinfall. The Renegades fought back together but couldn't avoid the double thrust kicks from Tay-Jay. The babyfaces landed combination shots before locking in double submission moves. Jay had Robyn in the Queenslayer while Conti trapped the other Renegade twin in a modified crossface move.

Result: Tay Conti & Anna Jay def. Charlette & Robyn Renegade

Grade: B+

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Orange Cassidy vs. JD Drake on AEW Dark

Even though the #Wingmen's @RealJDDrake had some extra 'help' in the way of mysterious masked goons, @orangecassidy was able to accelerate the offense and take the win via the Orange Punch at #AEWDark tonight!Watch #AEWDark right NOW!▶️

The Wingmen's JD Drake came out flanked by two masked men on AEW Dark. He also had fresh in-ring gear, and it seemed like he was transitioning to a new creative direction.

Orange Cassidy got one of the best reactions on the show as fans welcomed him with massive cheers. Drake outmuscled Cassidy during the early lock-up. After sticking his hands into the pocket, Freshly Squeezed got an expected pop from the fans.

Cassidy's nonchalant kicks got even louder reactions as Drake's frustrations reached a boiling point, and he unleashed a monstrous chop. JD missed the senton but stopped Cassidy from going for a body slam.

Drake planted his opponent with an identical move but couldn't capitalize on the momentum as he got dumped outside. JD stopped the tope suicida and ricocheted Cassidy off the apron.

The mysterious masked men attacked Cassidy while the referee argued with JD in the ring. Drake faked a chop and landed a right-hand punch as the action stayed in the ringside area. The Wingmen member mocked Cassidy while his lackeys waited for the opportunity to strike.

Cassidy powered out of a chin lock and slammed Drake's head into the turnbuckle pad. He knocked Drake off his feet with a crossbody and again went for a body slam. Cassidy ditched the plan and took out the masked men with a tope suicida.

Drake was next as he got laid out with a perfect tornado DDT. He regained control and got a near fall following a cannonball senton in the corner.

Chuck Taylor and Wheeler Yuta ran out to level the playing field and took out Drake's goons. Back in the ring, Cassidy almost picked up a roll-up victory.

Drake reacted with the Bossman slam for another near fall. JD headed up for the moonsault, but Cassidy rolled out of the way. He finally pulled off the body slam as the entire arena erupted! Cassidy connected with the Orange Punch and got the three-count. Great match!

Result: Orange Cassidy def. JD Drake

Grade: A

Taz called Orange Cassidy a 'main event guy' and credited him for changing the match's pace when it mattered the most.

Aaron Solo vs. Dante Martin

The fearlessness of @lucha_angel1 is unmatched and he soars into victory over @AaronSoloAEW, solidifying his confidence as he prepares for @TrueWillieHobbs at #AEWDynamite tomorrow on TBS.#AEWDark is on right NOW!▶️

The two high-flyers began the match with a technical lock-up before the action spilled over to the ringside area.

Aaron grabbed Martin by the hair and landed some ground-and-pound strikes. Dante executed a modified flatliner for a one-count and kept up the pressure with ax-handle shots to the back.

Solo responded with thrust and corkscrew kicks and got Dante down with his quick offense. Dante came back with a perfect tope suicida before rolling Solo into the ring.

Dante hit the Nose Dive finisher for the win.

Result: Dante Martin def. Aaron Solo

Grade: B

Jade Cargill and Smart Mark Sterling boasted about their accomplishments during a backstage interview. The TBS Champion was scheduled to face Skye Blue on Dark, and she signed off with a daunting message to her opponent.

Eddie Kingston vs. Joey Janela (w/ Kayla Rossi)

For lovers of violence, this match delivered. @JANELABABY pressured @MadKing1981 consistently, but it was the heart & toughness of #EddieKingston that gave him the victory with a brutal Northern Lights Bomb finishDon't miss another second of #AEWDark!▶️

Eddie Kingston made his entrance with a taped shoulder. He was visibly in a lot of pain as he limped his way towards the squared circle. The first-time-ever match between Janela and Kingston got underway with an aggressive tie-up and exchange of wrist locks.

Kingston slapped Janela across the face in an attempt to 'punk him out,' as noted by Taz. Eddie called for Janela to fire off a few chops. Kingston looked unfazed as he showed Joey how to deliver effective chops.

Kingston then got an overhead throw before returning to the machine gun chops. Janela's chest was already quite red as he tried to get back into the match. The Bad Boy laid out Kingston outside but lost his balance on the top rope. It was all just a calculated misdirection as Kayla Rossi landed a moonsault splash on Eddie while the referee wasn't looking.

Joey attacked Kingston's injured left knee with a brutal dragonscrew. The latter couldn't get to a vertical base as Joey went to work on the knee. Kingston battled through the pain and threw himself out of the ring for a tope suicida. This man is inhumane!

The Mad King gathered pace as he landed heavy-handed chops, followed by a snap suplex and a german variation with the bridge.

Eddie was in tremendous pain but still found the extra gear to get in seven turnbuckle punches. Janela lifted him and delivered a vicious powerbomb.

Janela went to the top as Eddie struggled to get to his feet but still dug deep to stun his opponent with a slap. Both men were perched upon the top buckle, and Kingston got the last laugh with an avalanche suplex.

Kingston had a bruise under his left eye as the action once again moved to the outside. Rossi went to the top herself and waited for the perfect chance to catch Eddie off guard. However, she accidentally took out Janela, and the friendly fire proved costly for the heel.

Kingston returned Janela to the ring but ate two thrust kicks. Eddie was done playing around as he hit the lariat and a Northern Lights Bomb for a hard-fought victory.

Result: Eddie Kingston def. Joey Janela (w/ Kayla Rossi)

Grade: A

Thunder Rosa vs. Kasey Fox (Debut)

The unsportsman like conduct of @kaseyfox99 at the beginning of the match cost her dearly at the end, when @thunderrosa22 delivered a violent Peruvian Necktie submission to quickly finish the match at #AEWDark Watch #AEWDark right NOW!▶️

Kasey Fox rejected Thunder Rosa's handshake and went on the offensive. The debutant looked very green in the ring as she tried to keep up with her established opponent.

It didn't take time for Rosa to dictate the match as she got Fox down with a short-arm clothesline. Rosa hit two leaping dropkicks, followed by the Death Valley Driver.

The former NWA Champion forced Fox to tap out to the Peruvian Necktie and scored a quick submission win.

Result: Thunder Rosa def. Kasey Fox

Grade: C

QT Marshall and Nick Comoroto voiced their desire to become tag team champions as the duo was slated to feature in a title eliminator match. The Factory leader did all the talking during their backstage promo.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Alexander Moss

Powerhouse Hobbs had a routine victory on Dark.
Powerhouse Hobbs had a routine victory on Dark.

Powerhouse Hobbs rushed to the ring in his overalls and sandwiched his helpless opponent before the bell rang.

Hobbs wrapped up the contest with the Torture Rack.

Result: Powerhouse Hobbs def. Alexander Moss

Grade: Powerhouse Squash!

Daniel Garcia vs. Fuego Del Sol

The strategy to take out Interim TNT Champ @sammyguevara's friend @FuegoDelSol & jump the line straight into the TNT title match, will surely piss a lot of people off but @GarciaWrestling doesn't seem to care, as he wins here on #AEWDark!Tune in NOW!▶️

Daniel Garcia shut down Fuego Del Sol's explosiveness with a methodical assault in their AEW Dark match.

Del Sol kicked out of an early pinfall after getting rocked by a double underhook suplex into the corner. Garcia was relentless as he got another pinfall with a low crossbody.

Fuego tried to pull off an upset as he got Garcia down with a hanging neckbreaker. The Luchador got a one-count with a low enziguri followed by a massive kick. Daniel evaded a springboard move and knocked out Del Sol with a shotgun dropkick.

Garcia delivered a brainbuster before locking in the Sharpshooter to destroy the fan-favorite.

Result: Daniel Garcia def. Fuego Del Sol

Grade: B

Garcia didn't let go of the submission hold, which led to Sammy Guevara running out to make the save. Daniel Garcia will face Sammy for the interim TNT title on the next Dynamite episode.

TBS Championship Eliminator Match: TBS Champion Jade Cargill vs. Skye Blue

A great effort and fight was put up by @Skyebyee at the TBS Championship Eliminator match on #AEWDark but the power of the TBS Champion @Jade_Cargill was just too much and the #JadeBrand keeps her impeccable record intact!Tune in to #AEWDark right NOW▶️

Jade Cargill made a pyro-assisted entrance and looked absolutely majestic as the first-ever TBS Champion.

Skye Blue started strong with a waistlock, but Cargill was too powerful during the early stages. Jade fired back with a pump kick, and she drew heat from the crowd.

Cargill caught Skye Blue in mid-air to deliver a fallaway slam, followed by a kip-up. She got a round of applause for the spot and continued to dismantle Skye Blue with her offense.

Blue, however, escaped Cargill's shoulders and attempted a move off the ropes. Jade transitioned to the Cazadora and landed her 'Jaded' finisher out of nowhere.

Result: Jade Cargill def. Skye Blue

Grade: B

Jade Cargill is young in the business, but if her latest match is anything to go by, she is improving rapidly as a performer, and that's great news for Tony Khan and co.

AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator Match: The Factory's QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus

A wild match here on #AEWDark! #TheFactory were so close to winning, with the strength of @Mr_Freakbeast, but an amazing save by @boy_myth_legend kept the belts with the #AEW Tag Team champions tonight! Main event up next on #AEWDark!▶️

The tag team champions got a rousing reception before the co-main event of the evening.

A loud 'Luchasaurus' chant echoed before the match as Jungle Boy and QT Marshall started with a fast-paced exchange. QT ate a few overhand chops and got taken down with an arm drag.

Comoroto came in, and Jungle Boy welcomed him with a dropkick. Marshall attacked Jungle Boy from the back, and the heels began to call the shots in the match.

Nick Comotoro got the tag, and he landed a brutal elbow drop. Marshall and Comoroto made quick tags and kept Jungle Boy in their corner.

The 24-year-old's goal was to create some separation, but QT Marshall was aware of the danger. Jungle Boy still countered with a hurricanrana and made the hot tag to AEW's resident dinosaur.

Luchasaurus delivered combination strikes on QT before backing Comoroto into a corner. He then kicked off a back elbow party and knocked down his opponents with a shoulder tackle.

Nick and QT broke the double chokeslam grip and escaped a disaster. Marshall continued to fight back with a step-up enziguri but missed the Diamond Cutter. All hell broke loose as the four competitors were down on the mat. The referee began the ten-count as Luchasaurus and Marshall — the two legal men — got up and made separate tags to their partners.

Jungle Boy almost got pinned following a savage spear from Comoroto. An unranked team nearly pulled off an upset win over the champs!

Luchasaurus sent QT to the outside, and he received a tag from a flying Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus first hit a Tiaras-leg DDT to set up Jungle Boy's version of a DDT using the ropes.

Comoroto kicked out at two but was incredibly dazed during the follow-up brawl with Luchasaurus.

Luchasaurus hit a fireman's carry slam on Comoroto. Jungle Boy leaped off his partner's back and took out QT Marshall with a Canadian Destroyer, and the sequence helped the Jurassic Express get the three-count.

Result: Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus def. QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto

Grade: A

AEW Dark Main Event: Hangman Page, Alan "5" Angels & 10 vs. Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy & Serpentico

And the buckshot lariat finishes the job as #AEW World Champion Hangman @theAdamPage takes out @KingSerpentico and takes the win, to cap off an amazing night of high-paced action on #AEWDark!▶️

AEW World Champion Hangman Page headlined the card in a star-studded Trios match.

The stipulation was that if Matt Hardy's team won tonight, the veteran star would get a shot at the world title on the next Dynamite episode.

Hangman Page arguably got the loudest pop of the night and deservedly so as it was his first Dark appearance.

Isiah Kassidy and Alan Angels kicked off the main event with a well-executed sequence. The Dark Order enjoyed the early momentum as Preston Vance continued his team's good work.

Kassidy was shaken up as he caught his breath after tagging out to Serpentico. 10 sent Serpentico flying across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex.

The Dark Order powerhouse kept Serpentico in the delayed vertical suplex hanging in the air. Hangman entered the match for the first time and amazingly continued the delayed vertical suplex by taking over from his partner.

The AEW Champion landed knife-edged chops and charged into the corner for a big clothesline. Matt Hardy grabbed Hangman's boot from the ringside area and smartly helped his team take control of the match.

Angels reentered and got a one-count from a snap suplex. Serpentico distracted him, and Hardy got involved with a toe kick. The heels slowed the pace down as Big Money Matt dropped an elbow across Angels' back.

Kassidy and Hardy executed the Poetry in Motion as Angels took a lot of punishment. Luther wasn't around, but Serpentico was still used as a weapon by his partners.

Alan Angels finally began his comeback with two kicks in the corner. He landed lefts and rights and wiped out Kassidy and Serpentico with a double crossbody. After getting into the ring, Preston Vance got the tag and ran through his opponents like a truck.

Vance delivered a perfect spinebuster on Kassidy and proceeded to lock in the Full Nelson submission. Hardy helped Isiah by breaking the hold, and Serpentico joined in to get the numbers advantage.

10 stopped another Poetry in Motion and side slammed Matt Hardy. Hangman Page got the hot tag, and he sent Serpentico flying with a blackbody drop.

Page hit a series of moves on the heels and isolated Serpentico for the Buckshot Lariat. Kassidy saved his partner but couldn't evade Angels' moonsault from the top.

Serpentico was returned to the ring as Hangman got a near fall with the Death Valley Driver. Once again, it was Matt Hardy who made the much-needed save. Page reversed the Twist of Fate and gave Hardy a taste of his own medicine.

Angels delivered a massive Frog Splash from the top, but Matt Hardy miraculously kicked out. Kassidy stopped Angels from going up top with a commonguri as Hardy recuperated in the meantime.

Matt executed the Splash Mountain move, but Preston Vance was around to break up the pinfall. Back-and-forth action resumed with Kassidy and Vance brawling it out in the ring.

Hangman, too, joined in and took Kassidy out of the equation with a rolling elbow strike. Ouch! Page avoided the Twist of Fate again as Serpentico made the blind tag.

Hardy joined Kassidy on the outside as Serpentico was the only member of his heel team in the ring. The Dark Order members easily evaded the splash and started the finishing sequence of the match.

Alan Angels hit the Wingsnapper before Vance softened up Serpentico with the Full Nelson. Hangman completed the match with the pop-up powerbomb, followed by the Buckshot Lariat.

Result: Hangman Page, Alan "5" Angels & 10 def. Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy & Serpentico

Grade: A


The AEW Dark 'Super Show' lived up to the hype as the company delivered some great matches. You can check out the full episode above and leave your reviews in the comments section before you go.

Edited by Kartik Arry
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