AEW Dark Results: Jon Moxley's tag team match ends in 38 seconds, Brian Cage pushed to the limit, Joey Janela injury- 11th May 2021

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.

Today's AEW Dark was stacked to the core with the company putting forth a match card featuring 16 bouts for viewers to enjoy.

Taz and Excalibur welcomed everyone to a 'casual Tuesday' edition of Dark, and we went straight to the in-ring action.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs. Milk Chocolate on AEW Dark

Mox and Eddie came through the crowd and wasted no time. Eddie cut Justin Roberts off and attacked members of Milk Chocolate.

Mox and Eddie executed the Violent Crown double-team finisher for the win. 38 seconds. That was quick!!

Result: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston def. Milk Chocolate on AEW Dark

Grade: F

Dark Order's Evil Uno, Alan "5" Angels & Colt Cabana vs. Spencer Slade, Cole Karter & Andrew Palace on AEW Dark

Uno and Palace kicked off the match with some headlock action. Uno used his strength to drive Palace down to the mat with a shoulder tackle.

Palace reacted with a crossbody, but he missed the splash. Uno stomped on Palace's fingers before sending him into the corner. Angels received the tag, and he worked on wearing down Palace. Cabana came in and hit rights and lefts in cohesion with Angels.

Uno and Angels hit an assisted hanging neckbreaker, followed by a dropkick. Karter got the tag, but he swung and missed. Angels hit a dropkick, followed by a step-up enziguri. Karter executed an eye rake and pushed Angels into his corner.

Palace, Karter and Slade made quick tags. Slade leaped onto Angels with an elbow drop, which got him a one-count.

Angels, however, escaped and rolled over to tag Cabana, who came in and hit the Flying Apple.

Slade ate a Flying Apple, too, before Angels rushed in to wipe out Karter and Palace on the outside. Uno, who was the legal man, hit the cross-arm flatliner for the victory.

Result: Dark Order's Evil Uno, Alan "5" Angels & Colt Cabana def. Spencer Slade, Cole Karter & Andrew Palace on AEW Dark

Grade: C

Tony Schiavone interviewed Diamante backstage ahead of her AEW Dark match.

Lance Archer vs. Angel Fashion on AEW Dark

Lance Archer entered the ring with a cannonball on Angel Fashion. Incredible! Archer mauled Fashion all around the ring as he rammed his head into all four turnbuckles.

Archer tossed Fashion with a suplex. It was all one-way traffic in this one as The Murderhawk Monster punished his opponent.

Fashion had his moments, though, as he wobbled Archer with a series of significant strikes. Archer, however, responded by destroying Fashion with a big lariat, followed by a buckle bomb.

Archer hit a chokeslam and the Hellacoaster for the win.

Result: Lance Archer def. Angel Fashion on AEW Dark

Grade: D

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Edited by Jack Cunningham
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