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AEW Dark Results - Star copies The Rock's finisher, Former WWE competitor debuts and more (15th September 2020) 

The fans witnessed a hilarious version of the People
The fans witnessed a hilarious version of the People's Elbow on AEW Dark.
Modified 16 Sep 2020, 14:04 IST

This week's AEW Dark kicked off with Excalibur, Taz, and Veda Scott running down the card, which featured eleven matches.

#1. Brandi Rhodes (w/ Dustin Rhodes) vs. Red Velvet on AEW Dark

Brandi Rhodes was out with Dustin Rhodes and her action figure, of course.

The match began with both women working on each others' arms. Red Velvet showed off her athleticism, but Brandi was quite patronizing in response. Rhodes took Velvet down with a shoulder block for a 1-fall.

Velvet got the upper hand as she pinned Rhodes in the corner with a split. Brandi used the referee's distraction to take control of the match with a big kick. She then unloaded with big rights and lefts in the mount position.

Rhodes got a 2-count following a sling blade. Anna Jay walked out. Velvet took advantage of the distraction by spiking Rhodes with a DDT. Both women recovered. Velvet rallied with two sling blades and a clothesline, followed by the double knees to Rhodes' back.

Velvet went for a clothesline, but Rhodes ducked and returned the favor with a big spear. Rhodes stared Anna Jay down and locked in the Queen Slayer submission (Rear Naked Choke) on Velvet, who passed out, and the ref called for the bell on AEW Dark.

Result - Brandi Rhodes def. Red Velvet on Dark


Grade - C

#2. The Butcher & The Blade (w/ Eddie Kingston) vs. Daniel Garcia & Kevin Blackwood on AEW Dark

The Butcher and The Blade ambushed Garcia and Blackwood even before the well was rung. The faces turned it around with a series of kicks on Butcher and Blade, who were both dumped to the outside. Blade and Butcher finally got control of the match.

Big Butch executed a German release Suplex before tagging in Blade. Butcher came in once again and delivered the gutbuster on Garcia. Blade and Butcher continued to work on Garcia with some efficient tag team wrestling.

Garcia created some separation with a few elbow strikes and a boot to Butcher's face. Blackwood got the tag. He took Blade out with a clothesline, but he got taken out with a running crossbody.

Garcia came in with a blind tag and began chopping both the Butcher and the Blade. They broke Garcia in half with The Full Death to pick up the win on AEW Dark.

Result - The Butcher & The Blade def. Daniel Garcia & Kevin Blackwood on AEW Dark

Grade - B

#3. Dani Jordyn vs. Penelope Ford on AEW Dark

Ford took off her engagement ring and handed it to Kip Sabian, who admired his choice. The commentators spoke about the 'Twitch money' that Sabian rakes in, but Taz wasn't into that stream of income. Anyway, the match got underway, and Ford rocked Jordyn in the face.

Dani fired back with a bunch of strikes to the body and the face. She took Ford out with a dropkick. A Ford forearm stopped a dive to the outside.

Back in the ring, Penelope targetted Jordyn's throat. She dragged her opponent around before getting her up on the shoulders for the gutbuster, which got Ford a two-count.

Penelope tore a page out of Jordyn's book and shoved it into her mouth. Dani mounted the comeback with a few clotheslines and a waist lock chop. Penelope blocked a german suplex. She countered with a Stunner before going up to the top turnbuckle. Ford connected with the shotgun dropkick, but she also hurt her back in the process. Ford finally executed the Fisherman's Suplex for the 3-count on AEW Dark.

Result - Penelope Ford def. Dani Jordyn on AEW Dark

Grade - C

#4. Brian Cage vs. Megabyte Ronnie on AEW Dark

Megabyte Ronnie made his AEW debut, and he is apparently one of the top-ranked competitive eaters in the world. Yeah, the commentators even spoke about his monstrous eating habits as Brian Cage came out to the ring. Ricky Starks was at the commentary table as well.

The FTR Champion took Ronnie out with a shoulder tackle. Cage drove in the knees into Megabyte's gut before delivering the arm drag neck breaker to the knee.

Ronnie got the big boot, but Cage also rocked Ronnie with a big knee to the face. The Machine then stunned Ronnie with a left-hand lariat. Ronnie took Cage down and hilariously got out a hotdog.

Megabyte Ronnie delivered the hotdog version of The Rock's People's Elbow. The People's Hotdog! Cage, however, finished the AEW Dark match with the Drill Claw.

Result - Brian Cage def. Megabyte Ronnie on AEW Dark

Grade - B-

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Published 16 Sep 2020, 06:56 IST
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