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AEW Dark Results - WWE Hall of Famer's son makes in-ring debut, Rey Mysterio's 619 used, Cody makes a big appearance - 17th November 2020

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.
Modified 18 Nov 2020, 09:35 IST
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Taz and Excalibur welcomed the fans to the latest AEW Dark episode, which featured five women's matches. Cody also made a surprising appearance on Dark to help another AEW star from a beatdown. As always, the AEW Dark episode also had several exciting debuts. 

The first match of the night witnessed the in-ring AEW debut of Colten Gunn, son of WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn.

#1. Gunn Club vs. BSHP KING, Joey O'Riley & Sean Maluta on AEW Dark

This was a big day for Colten Gunn as he was set to make his in-ring AEW debut. Billy was up to his usual shenanigans with Aubrey Edwards,

Colten kicked things off with Sean Maluta with a lockup. Sean got some wrist control before sending Colten into the corner. Colten, however, got Maluta down with a clean arm drag. Colten looked impressive as he got Sean down with a shoulder tackle.

He got a two-count with a dropkick. The elevation was eye-catching. Austin Gunn got the tag before their father, Billy, came in. The Gunns exchanged several tags before Maluta created some separation by trapping Austin. O'Riley came in, but he got laid out with a neck breaker.

King and Billy were now in the ring. Gunn got pushed towards the corner, and both men exchanged strikes. They laid each other out with a double clothesline.


The hot tags were made, and O'Riley and Austin entered the match. Chaos broke out as Colten and Maluta got into the action.

Back in the ring, Austin hit O'Riley with the Quick Draw for the win.

Result: Gunn Club def. BSHP KING, Joey O'Riley & Sean Maluta on AEW Dark

Grade: C

Lance Archer and Jake' The Snake' Roberts came out to the ring as a lifeless O'Riley laid vulnerable in the ring. Archer choke slammed O'Riley onto his tag team partners on the outside.

Roberts cut a promo that only he can before handing over the mic to Archer, who went on about life, death, and the painful truth about his actions in AEW.

#2. Travis Titan (Debutant) vs. Ricky Starks on AEW Dark


Travis Titan made his AEW debut against Ricky Starks, and they got the match underway with a hammerlock. Starks cracked Titan in the face with a right, followed by a chop.

Titan's dropkick attempt got blocked, and so did his German Suplex. Starks rocked Titan in the face with a single-leg dropkick.

Starks enjoyed dishing out some punishment on Travis, who did have some fire in him with retaliative strikes. Starks, however, dropped Titan with a hanging neck breaker for a two-count. He rammed his shoulders into Travis' guts in the corner. He took him to another corner and connected with the chops to the chest.

Titan fought back with a few elbow shots to the face, but Starks shut him down with a back suplex. Starks finished the match with his patented full-throttle spear.

Result: Ricky Starks def. Travis Titan on AEW Dark

Grade: C

#3. Joey Janela vs. Marko Stunt on AEW Dark

Stunt took Janela down with a sneaky roll-up. Joey extended his arm for the shake, but it was all a trap.

The comedic elements expectedly were a significant feature of the match. Stunt got Janela on his back with a series of kicks. Stunt attempted a DDT on the outside, but Janela caught him mid-air and suplexed him onto the floor.


Janela executed a brutal brainbuster. He followed it up with another one before going for a cocky pin. Janela attempted another buster, but Stunt reversed it into a hurricanrana.

Stunt took Janela out with the Dragonrana on the outside. Stunt might have hurt his ankle in the process. The action shifted to the ring, and Stunt went up to the top. Janela followed him with a kick.

Janela hit the Sit-out Avalanche Cradleshock for the win.

Result: Joey Janela def. Marko Stunt on AEW Dark

Grade: C

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Published 18 Nov 2020, 09:34 IST
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