AEW Rampage - Flops and Hits - Bryan Danielson vs Minoru Suzuki in clash of legends, CM Punk lives up to his promise

AEW Rampage put up a near-perfect show this week
AEW Rampage put up a near-perfect show this week

A pre-show preceded AEW Rampage this week. The Buy-In was broadcast on YouTube and other social media platforms. This week's review takes a look at the two-hour-long program that featured dream matches, maiden victories, and must-watch debuts. There were only a couple of questionable moments in an otherwise solid show.

Here, we look at the biggest flops and hits from AEW Rampage (including the Buy-In). So, without further ado, let's begin:

#5 Hit on AEW Rampage (Buy-In): Bryan Danielson at his usual best against Minoru Suzuki

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Although Minoru Suzuki is no stranger to AEW, this week's show brought him face-to-face with Bryan Danielson. The two superstars are widely regarded as legends of the pro-wrestling business, and their in-ring clash was one for the ages. The narrative was on point as both Danielson and Suzuki played to their respective strengths.

Suzuki chose to taunt his opponent at every opportunity, and Danielson always had an appropriate response. Their attacks and respective counters accounted for a brilliant spectacle that prompted AEW fans to chant, "This is wrestling!" in unison. The final moments of the match saw Suzuki going in for his gotch-style piledriver, but Danielson countered with a devastating running knee that ultimately helped him seal victory on the show.

It was a flawless encounter between two celebrated stars of the wrestling world. A few years ago, this booking would have seemed impossible on paper, but this week, we saw it unfold inside the ring. This will undoubtedly be one of the matches that will stay fresh in fans' memories for a long time. It will now be interesting to see what awaits the American Dragon as he chases a fresh milestone in AEW.

#4 Hit on AEW Rampage: Matt Sydal shines in the match against CM Punk

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Ever since his arrival on AEW, CM Punk has made it clear that he intends to elevate younger talent on the show. This week on Rampage, he took a slight deviation from his usual type of opponent to lock horns with Matt Sydal. It was arguably the best match featuring Punk in AEW, and Sydal deserves equal credit for his performance.

The pace was right for the match, allowing both men to put their best on display. This was also the first match on Rampage, meaning it competed with SuperSized SmackDown during the half-hour overlap between the two shows.

Although the match ended with Punk picking up a victory, Sydal came out looking just as strong as his opponent. It's good to see that Punk is using his experience and pro-wrestling status to elevate talent who deserve to enjoy the spotlight.

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