Did WWE feature any AEW star on RAW's 30th anniversary?

WWE RAW's 30th Anniversary was a callback to the RAW is WAR years of the show.

WWE RAW celebrated a record-breaking 30 years on television last night and held a special episode to commemorate the milestone. Numerous AEW stars were featured in a promo video beforehand, but did any of them make it into the actual show?

Recently, WWE sent out a video package to advertise the special episode of RAW, which featured numerous stars who are currently signed to AEW. Notably, Chris Jericho, Paul Wight (The Big Show), Christian Cage, and more made appearances in the package.

This led to many fans wondering if any of these names would make physical appearances. However, only a few AEW stars appeared at RAW XXX in the form of brief images or video packages. Mark Henry and Sting only appeared via images, while Bryan Danielson was solely featured in a video. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho appeared in both videos and images, making him the most featured AEW star.

How awesome that @IAmJericho is in the best moments with Bob Barker. What a great moment it was #RAWXXX

Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, and Paul Wight all notably made video appearances for the promotion's celebration of John Cena a few months ago, which led many fans down a nasty speculation run that has unfortunately gone nowhere.

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Chris Jericho didn't miss out on his WWE RAW XXX appearance, and shared the moment online

Chris Jericho's 1999 WWE debut was a highly anticipated moment as vignettes of the future world champion's arrival were teased for weeks. After a few years in the promotion, Jericho would cement his legacy by becoming the first-ever Undisputed WWF Champion.

In an Instagram Story, Chris Jericho revealed that he was well aware of his cameo on the 30th Anniversary RAW episode.

Chris Jericho shared a fan's reaction to his RAW is JERICHO throwback.
Chris Jericho shared a fan's reaction to his RAW is JERICHO throwback.

Some fans have speculated that Jericho would one day return to the promotion, but if his recent AEW contract is anything to go by, his video and image appearances on RAW XXX could be the last time he's ever seen in WWE.

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