Former WWE Champion to make his return to help Kevin Owens against The Bloodline? Analyzing the possibility 

Kevin Owens is currently in a major feud with The Bloodline [Photo courtesy of WWE
Kevin Owens is currently in a major feud with The Bloodline [Photo courtesy of WWE's Official Website and YouTube Channel]

Currently, Kevin Owens is in a feud with The Bloodline and he has not been holding back in dealing with them regardless of the numbers. However, The Prizefighter could receive some unexpected help from a former champion. This would be Rob Van Dam.

A few days ago, Owens had another run-down with The Bloodline as he confronted them during The Bloodline's Anointment Ceremony. This ended up being a three-on-one brawl at first, but the former Universal Champion did not hold back. Eventually, The Street Profits came to his aid and sent them running.

Kevin Owens has been the one who never backs down until the job is finished. With The Bloodline continuing to prove that they run the show, Owens may need to bring in someone willing to go to great lengths as well, like him. Rob Van Dam may be the right person for this job.

RVD is currently open to anything

The former WWE Champion is currently a free agent. Despite making appearances for AEW, he has not signed long-term with them, which means that he could return to WWE at any moment.

He addressed this last month of his podcast, saying that he was not in any talks or deals.

“I would like to think that I’m open to any conversation. So anything’s worth considering. Let’s hear what you got in mind, whatever. But no, I don’t have any of those talks. What you see is what you get, and that’s all anybody is talking about. All anyone is talking about doing, let me put it that way.”

Kevin Owens has previously mentioned wanting to work with the Hall of Famer

More than a month ago, during an interview with Wrestlesphre, Kevin Owens talked about the ECW icons with whom he has shared the ring, naming Rhino and Tommy Dreamer.

He then mentioned how one person he never got to face was RVD and how he was someone he would have loved to wrestle. He then claimed that maybe it wasn't too late, and they'd get to cross paths in the future.

Rob Van Dam has also acknowledged wanting to work with the WWE Superstar

RVD also got to talk about the possibility of working with Kevin Owens last month, as he was someone who he felt had a great wrestling style, and was doing well currently in his run with WWE.

He talked about how a few years ago, when he visited Owens' home country of Canada, he was the talk of the town. He mentioned that this way before the pandemic period, and despite it being years since then, he still felt there was a chance for them to share the ring.

"Good kid. He obviously likes the extreme style, and the crowd loves him, worked his way up on the indie scene, and then he's been doing really well inside WWE. I think he's from Montreal, some town in Canada I went to three years ago, and everybody couldn't stop telling me this is the town Kevin Owens is from. They were like so excited. This might have been five years ago. It's way before COVID. And definitely, it's not too late," RVD said.

At this point, fans will just have to wait and see whether this dream match or partnership becomes a reality.

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