AEW & WWE veteran Bryan Danielson discloses heartbreaking effects of depression on his family

Bryan Danielson signed with AEW back in 2021
Bryan Danielson signed with AEW back in 2021

AEW star Bryan Danielson has opened up about his mental health battles, specifically his struggle with depression.

The American Dragon is widely considered one of the best wrestlers in the world today. He is a WWE Grand Slam Champion and has been on a remarkable run since signing with AEW in 2021. His latest performance, a loss to MJF in an Iron Man Match at Revolution, is already being called one of the year's best bouts. Suffice to say, Danielson's wrestling career has never been better.

But that hasn't stopped him from having uncomfortable waves of depression, ones that many others in the industry have suffered through. Danielson spoke about these battles during a recent interview on the Unconsciously Coupled podcast. The wrestling veteran shared a few moments he feels guilty about due to these "bad episodes."

"Brie ended up coming back and doing more wrestling, but what we thought was going to be her last match, I'd gone off the rails. Like, deep, deep off the rails. So I wasn't there for what, in theory, could have been her last match. So deep, deep guilt for that. For her mom and Johnny's [Laurinaitis] wedding, I wasn't there for that because I'd had a really bad episode. There are those kind of things. Then there's the everyday – I don't want to say everyday guilt, but for example, guilt with the kids, more so, where it's like I can't, you know, I play with them. But I'm really just on the floor," said Danielson. (H/T Wrestling Inc.)

This makes Danielson's latest AEW promo, which was shot after his loss to MJF, hit even harder, considering the context of what he was saying.

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Many in wrestling think Bryan Danielson might retire after his loss at AEW Revolution

Bryan Danielson miraculously returned to wrestling in 2018 after retiring in 2016 due to suffering numerous concussions throughout his career. However, after his loss at AEW Revolution and the aforementioned promo he cut on last week's Dynamite, some believe The American Dragon's run in wrestling is coming to an end.

Bully Ray stated on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio that he was "reeled in" by Bryan Danielson's promo and wonders if The American Dragon should hang his boots up for his health. In a separate interview, the WWE Hall of Famer gave his thoughts on AEW World Champion MJF.

Bully Ray shares his thoughts on MJF@bullyray5150

Bryan Danielson's run in wrestling is probably not over yet. But the clock is ticking on the former multi-time world champion's legendary run.

Do you think Danielson will retire soon? Sound off in the comments section below.

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