Bryan Danielson receives immediate request from AEW star asking him to fine WWE legend

Bryan Danielson (left) and WWE logo (right)
Bryan Danielson (left) and WWE logo (right)

Bryan Danielson had an unusual request from an AEW star asking him to fine a WWE legend. The WWE legend in question that the star wanted to be fined was none other than Ric Flair.

The star who asked for his immediate fining was Jose The Assistant. Ric Flair showed up on AEW Dynamite yesterday, and it so happened that he turned up late. He even took the time to give a brief interview to Renee Paquette before having a chat with the Young Bucks.

Now, Jose The Assistant, took to Twitter and publicly called out Bryan Danielson to take action against Ric Flair in a hilarious way. For those unaware, the American Dragon is also a part of AEW's disciplinary committee.

“Someone should fine Flair for not making it to #AEWDynamite during call time. Talk about being LATE. 😂#AEW,” he wrote.

He called out Danielson in the second tweet by writing:

“Bryan where you at @bryandanielson?”

It will be funny to see if Danielson takes the time to respond to Jose. We will keep you updated if and when there is a response.

Jeff Jarrett reveals how TNA missed out on signing Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson was a big star on the independent scene before becoming a star in the WWE. Jeff Jarrett, who wrestled for TNA, revealed how they missed out on signing Bryan in 2009.

Jarrett was speaking on his My World podcast when he shed light on what happened when they wanted to sign the former WWE star. He said:

“He was under contract to those guys [ROH], and I believe when he came up for renewal... I’ve made my comments on Bryan through the years, he’s, if not the current best [wrestler in the world]. He’s certainly always been one of the best storytellers. Yeah, he can do all the different moves and all that. But since this is 2009, the roster we just talked about was jam-full. And he was under contract, I think it was good for Dave [Meltzer] to write, 'Hey, he’s wrestler of the year, but TNA’s ever thought about it.' Well, he’s under contract, do.”

TNA had an incredible roster back then, but having Danielson would have undoubtedly made them a big market and a competition to WWE.

What do you make of Jeff Jarrett’s remarks? Tell us in the comments section below.

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