"They’ll do the same thing to you" - 7-time World Champion seemingly urges WWE locker room to stand with Sasha Banks and Naomi

Naomi and Sasha Banks are no longer tag team champs!
Naomi and Sasha Banks are no longer tag team champs!

AEW star CM Punk has once again voiced his concern over the ongoing fuss between WWE and Sasha Banks-Naomi.

The Boss 'n' Glow connection has become the talk of the wrestling world since they walked off RAW this week. The two women were initially advertised to partake in a six-pack challenge match in the main event.

Banks and Naomi, however, walked out of the building, citing bickering with Vince McMahon over the creative direction of the tag team division. The duo also relinquished their tag team titles to John Laurinaitis on their way out.

Sasha Banks and Naomi were severely reprimanded for their actions. On SmackDown this week, the company suspended the two women indefinitely and stripped them of their tag team titles.

Even more so, WWE removed Boss 'n' Glow Connection's merchandise from their shop. As discovered a few hours ago, management has now deactivated their official WWE Facebook profiles.

Corey Graves and Michael Cole have used terms like "unprofessional" and "let us all down," respectively, live on-air to describe the duo's decision.

In light of the recent developments in The Boss 'n' Glow's status, AEW star CM Punk has taken to Twitter, where he seemingly sent a sincere message to the WWE locker room.

The AEW star noted that regardless of the coworkers' opinions, one should always stand up for them, urging the locker room to unite on this front:

"Doesn’t matter if your opinion of your coworker is positive or negative. Stand with them. Because they’ll do the same thing to you and you’ll wish someone helped. Trust me. You’re expendable. Together you’re unstoppable," Punk wrote.

The Straight Edge Superstar also shut down Matt Cardona, f.k.a. Zack Ryder, who poked fun at Sasha Banks and Naomi walking off RAW.

AEW stars like Swerve Strickland and Dax Harwood have even come forward to show support for the two WWE Superstars.

Sasha Banks and Naomi's WWE contracts will reportedly expire soon

Former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide recently shed light on the ongoing situation by providing surprising revelations.

Famuyide disclosed that Sasha Banks and Naomi's contracts could expire soon. The duo were reportedly in contract negotiations before the events that led to their suspension.

It wouldn't be far-fetched to say that the future of Banks and Naomi is up in the air. WWE has even announced a women's tag team tournament to crown the next champions.

Look who just challenged Randy Orton right here.

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