"Disrespect to The Shield, Wyatt family..." - Fans bury Tony Khan for anointing AEW trio as the greatest ahead of legendary WWE factions

The Shield (Left), The Wyatt Family (Right).
The Shield (Left), The Wyatt Family (Right).

AEW arguably has some of the best in-ring performers in the industry at the moment, and Tony Khan is no stranger to praising his talent. The AEW President recently claimed that The Elite and Death Triangle are two of the greatest trios in wrestling, and fans were livid.

Currently, The Elite and Death Triangle are embroiled in a heated Best of Seven Series, with the AEW Trios Champions having a 2-0 lead over Omega and The Bucks. Despite having rabid fans, many Twitter users have criticized The Elite for potentially running the exact match back seven times in order to eventually walk away with the Trios Championships.

In response to Tony Khan's statement, fans went up in arms, name-dropping legendary teams like The Fabulous Freebirds and The Hart Foundation as far better wrestling trios. Several users also mentioned The Shield, The Wyatt Family, and even The New Day as more recent teams who trump The Elite.

@nikoexxtra I’ll take the Hart Foundation over them any day. Any combination.
@nikoexxtra The shield are the greatest trio
@nikoexxtra Not even the greatest of the last 10 years lmao
@nikoexxtra disrepect to the shield, wyatt family, free birds, demolition, the jersey triad, team angle, the brood, the triple threat, Triple X, the russians, dusty and the road warriors and thw original NWO. Complete madness he says these two teams who cant draw more than 800k are the best
@nikoexxtra He just makes statements to make people angry and talk about AEW. Shield, New Day, Wyatt Family are clearly more iconic overall
@nikoexxtra Reminds me of The Spirit Squad.
@nikoexxtra It's not even wrestlingIt's just a choreographed acrobatics πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
@nikoexxtra It’s either too sad to be funny or too funny to be sad.
@nikoexxtra it's furry lingo.
@nikoexxtra Not even currently the best trip team in the indies.
@nikoexxtra TWO OF THE GREATEST IN WRESTLING HISTORY!?!? By what damn metric!?!? Because the answer is β€œno”! Tony Khan-tana getting high on his own supply (of farts) again.
@nikoexxtra The β€œelite” AIN’T.
@nikoexxtra Best trio of all time? I’d take The Fabulous Freebirds and Von Erichs over these trampoline cowboys anytime

The Elite can't seem to catch a break with some fans online, but it doesn't seem like Tony Khan's statement did anything to solve the divide. Ever since the infamous "Brawl-Out," the fanbase has seemingly been divided between CM Punk, Omega, and The Bucks.

Conversely, The Elite's return match at Full-Gear was harshly slammed by a WWE veteran, who claimed the entire match was "unwatchable" and expressed how the Best of Seven Series will result in AEW's untimely end.

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A former WWE official believes that The Elite's antics on AEW Dynamite have shifted the focus away from their feud

During the second Best of Seven Series match, The Elite made numerous references and took jabs at CM Punk, so much so that some fans were in an uproar.

While those in support believe it will either result in Punk's return or simply that it's okay to gloat, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas disagrees.

The Elite playing mind games with CM Punk at this point 😭…

During the recent episode of his Reffin Rant podcast, Korderas detailed how he believes that fans will now only be talking about CM Punk instead of the feud itself:

"What are people talking about after the match? Not what they're supposed to be talking about, which was Penta El Zero Miedo using the hammer for Death Triangle to go up two-nothing in their best-of-seven series. That's what people should be talking about! Not about all the haha and gaga that was going on taking the jabs at CM Punk." [H/T: Wrestling Inc.]

Unfortunately, Jimmy Korderas seems to be right, as AEW fans have been talking about CM Punk's potential return non-stop ever since Dynamite.

Until Tony Khan makes an announcement regarding Punk's status with the promotion, the Brawl Out might just overshadow anything The Elite does from here on out.

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