"Omg Ricochet is All Elite" - Fans excited by the possibility of WWE star potentially joining AEW

Fans think Ricochet is going to AEW [Image Source: Ricochet Instagram]
Ricochet is a former US Champion [Image Source: the star's Instagram]

Ricochet is one of the more popular professional wrestlers in the industry. He is currently signed with WWE, and there have been several rumors of him going to AEW.

One fan on X (formerly Twitter) raked up a conversation about Ricochet joining the Jacksonville-based promotion. The fan Photoshopped AEW's signature "#AllElite" graphic for the former United States Champion. However, they changed Ricochet's name to "Rick O'Shae" in the graphic, seemingly keeping up with the trend of wrestlers changing their names while jumping ship from WWE to AEW.

The wrestling world was quick to notice the name change in the picture. Some fans stated that Ricochet would still use the same name if he left WWE:

"Ricochet owns that name, not the WWE," wrote a fan.
"Nah he'd still be ricochet. Wwe doesn't own the rights to his ring name," someone else posted.

Others were just happy with the thought of the star going All Elite:

"Would love this to happen," one fan posted.
"Omg Ricochet is All Elite," another post read.

The Ring names have been a contentious issue in wrestling since time incarnate. Several wrestlers have had to change their ring names after they left the Stemford-based promotion. Sasha Banks, who was with WWE for a decade from 2012 to 2022, now wrestles as Mercedes Mone. Previously, Dolph Ziggler, who was signed with WWE from 2004 to 2023, now wrestles as Nick Nemeth. Edge uses his real name, Adam Copeland, in AEW.

While these cases happened due to WWE owning the copyright for the names, Trevor Dean Mann used the name Ricochet even before joining WWE. The One and Only likely owns the right to his ring name.

A top AEW star wants a rematch with Ricochet

Ricochet has had a great stint in WWE, but fans believe that the former Prince Puma is yet to be utilized to his full potential. He is famous for his acrobatic moves and mic skills, which could work well in All Elite Wrestling.

Recently, AEW's newest signing, Will Ospreay, expressed his desire to face his former rival again. The Aerial Assassin wants Ricochet to join the Jacksonville-based company so that they can put on another banger.

The One and Only has been wrestling since 2003 and joined WWE in 2018. He started wrestling on NXT and won the North American Championship. Later, he won the Intercontinental Championship and the US Title. Ricochet is the inaugural WWE Speed Champion as well. His contract with the Stamford-based company is ending this summer, leading to speculation about his future wrestling plans.

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