WCW veteran slams Tony Khan for having a 'very immature' and 'unprofessional' AEW locker room

A former WCW star criticized AEW President Tony Khan.
AEW President Tony Khan has a lot to handle.

WCW veteran Konnan recently lashed out at AEW President Tony Khan for having a very immature and unprofessional locker room.

Numerous issues centering on talent have plagued the Jacksonville-based promotion's roster. But the most infamous meltdown came from the post-All Out media scrum on September 4th. Following the press conference, CM Punk, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Ace Steel all tangled up in a backstage fight known as the "Brawl Out."

Speaking on Keepin' it 100, Konnan claimed that AEW talents tended to be childish. He also stated that their immaturity was very evident.

The WCW veteran opined that the company should let go of people who were distractions and choose some who would play by the rules.

"There’s a very immature, very unprofessional high school attitude that is very prevalent. I just think that if it was [CM] Punk, if it’s [Chris] Jericho, if it’s [Jon] Moxley, if it’s [Bryan] Danielson, if it’s Arn Anderson, if it’s who it is, they just need to get rid of some people; and the people that want to stay, read them the ground rules," Konnan said. [H/T eWrestlingNews]
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Tony Schiavone recently revealed that current ROH World Champion Chris Jericho is "kind of a locker room leader," and his co-workers usually heed his words.

It will be interesting to see if The Ocho stepping up to the leadership duties can straighten the locker room mentality.

Konnan had an interesting proposition on how to fix locker room issues in AEW

Previously on the same podcast, Konnan suggested that AEW and WWE should have a talent trade, especially those with locker room problems.

"Why don’t you just trade two disgruntled workers for each other and you get something back, instead of losing talent or having talent disgruntled? You know, get him the f**k out of there and get somebody else that wants to be with you. Why can’t you do that?" the WCW veteran noted.
The AEW locker room is healing…

While it is doubtful, it would be interesting to see if both companies would somehow unite and consider having a talent exchange.

Do you agree with Konnan's statements about the AEW locker room being immature and unprofessional? Sound off in the comments section.

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