"Tony Khan, sign him!" - Wrestling fans want AEW to sign former 2-time WWE Divas Champion's brother 

Tony Khan (left), WWE Divas Championship Belt (Right)
Tony Khan (left), WWE Divas Championship Belt (Right)

Wrestling fans seemingly want a former WWE Superstar's brother to be signed by Tony Khan to AEW.

The former WWE superstar in question, Saraya, joined the Jacksonville-based company in September last year. While Tony Khan is known for his tendency to sign many stars regularly, some signings like the anti-Diva were very well received. Her debut match against Britt Baker at Full Gear also received praise from fans.

Despite the seemingly bloated roster, Saraya wants another star to be added to the ranks. In a recent tweet, she seemingly requested the All Elite president to consider signing her brother Zak Zodiac, saying she would love to see it. Zak has been in the pro-wrestling business since 2002, even appearing in WWE in 2011 during a handicap match with Big Show.

Saraya's tweet caused a lot of buzz among fans, who responded positively to signing Zak to the Promotion.

@Saraya @AEW It’s not a want, it’s a need!🙏🏼 #signzakzodiac
@Saraya @AEW the intergender tag we all want 🙇‍♂️ #itstime
@Saraya @AEW Your brother definitely should be on AEW. Would love it
@Saraya @AEW I would love to see him there too
@Saraya @AEW That would be dope ❤️
@Saraya @AEW I will be happy for him to joined aew with you let’s goo zak
@Saraya @AEW Most definitely would love to see him

A WWE veteran heavily criticized Saraya's recent heel turn in AEW

While it remains to be seen whether Zak Zodiac will join Tony Khan's roster in the future, Saraya's booking in AEW recently came under fire from Jim Cornette.

In a recent episode of his The Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette spoke harshly about the anti-Diva's storyline in the Jacksonville-based Promotion. He also questioned whether her heel turn was a result of her babyface run being poorly received by fans.

"Three months later, she’s a f**king heel by popular demand? Was it the rotten booking that accidentally made it necessary or was this the idea that they had and they pulled it off to perfection?" noted Cornette. [01:10:18 onward]
Saraya & Toni Storm turn heel 😳 #AEW #AEWDynamite

WCW veteran Konnan also offered his opinion on Storm and Saraya's heel turns as well as on their potential future course. He specifically mentioned that the two were boring and had no relationship with the audience, so this is a pleasant change.

Do you want to see Zak Zodiac in AEW? Sound off in the comments section below!

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