"Triple H YOU HEARD HIM", "Come HOME" - Twitter reacts after AEW star teases joining forces with WWE legend Rey Mysterio

Triple H
WWE CCO Triple H and former World Champion Rey Mysterio

The wrestling world wants Triple H to bring back a former WWE United States Champion following a small exchange between the star in question and Rey Mysterio. The wrestler is none other than Andrade El Idolo.

The current AEW star took to Twitter to congratulate Mysterio for becoming the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2023. The Luchador replied by thanking El Idolo and wanting to wrestle him one more time.

Andrade responded by saying that while he still has a lot to learn from Rey Mysterio as a rival, he would like to team up with the Master of the 619.

"Me encantaría te aprendí mucho como rival. Pero ahora me gustaría aprender de ti como TAG TEAM. #619 @reymysterio," Andrade El Idolo tweeted.
"I would love to learn a lot from you as a rival. But now I would like to learn from you as a TAG TEAM. #619 @reymysterio," Translation.

You can check out the tweet below:

Me encantaría te aprendí mucho como rival. Pero ahora me gustaría aprender de ti como TAG TEAM. #619 @reymysterio…

Following the tweet, Twitter erupted by asking Triple H to bring back the former NXT Champion.

@AndradeElIdolo @reymysterio @WWE y’all heard it here!!!!
@AndradeElIdolo @reymysterio please come back king!
Bro isn’t even hiding the fact he wants to go back to the WWE😭. I ain’t mad at it tho let him cook…

People reminisced about the time the two stars wrestled each other in WWE and wanted to see them renew their rivalry in the near future.

@AndradeElIdolo @reymysterio You and @reymysterio had a pair of bangers on SmackDown. 5 stars easily for both matches
@AndradeElIdolo @reymysterio Rey Mysterio vs El Idolo Andrade
Andrade would definitely cook under the Triple H regime tbh

People were looking forward to seeing the two forming a tag team as well. They speculated that Andrade could return to the global juggernaut to take on The Judgment Day.

@AndradeElIdolo @reymysterio Oh 👀 andrade, santos & rey v. Judgement day
"Oh wow, sounds like this could happen soon and it would be fantastic. Make it possible legends!" translation of a fan's tweet.
@AndradeElIdolo @reymysterio Ah caray, suena a que esto puede suceder pronto y sería fantástico. Háganlo posible leyendas!

Rey Mysterio confronted his son on WWE SmackDown

On tonight's episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Dominik Mysterio walked out to the ring and called out his father. For the past few months, he has been complaining that Rey Mysterio was never there for him during his childhood.

Last week, Dominik challenged his father to a match at WrestleMania but the former world champion denied the offer. Tonight, the Judgment Day member called out his father once again in hopes that he might get a different answer.

The Master of the 619 claimed that if it was anyone else standing in Dom's position, he would have loved to beat them up. But since it is his son, he refuses to fight.

"I'm not gonna fight you..."@reymysterio keeps his word, he will NOT fight his son @DomMysterio35 at #WrestleMania#SmackDown

Later in the night, LA Knight offered Rey Mysterio to take on his son but he instead got sucker-punched by the WWE legend.

Would you like to see the Master of the 619 and Andrade El Idolo team together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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