"TK [Tony Khan] is too much of a fanboy to let him go" - Wrestling fans are seemingly convinced that 6-time WWE World Champion will eventually return to AEW

Will Tony Khan bring back multi-time world champion in AEW?
Will Tony Khan bring back multi-time world champion in AEW?

It's been almost a month since the now-famous All Out media scrum, and wrestling fans on Twitter have already started clamoring for CM Punk's AEW return.

The Straight Edge Superstar landed himself in trouble following his notorious tirade directed at Colt Cabana, Hangman Page, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks.

Let's not forget the scuffle that ensued between Punk w/Ace Steel and the EVPs backstage on the heels of the former's pipebomb.

Tony Khan severely reprimanded every man involved in the melee and dished out indefinite suspensions until the third-party investigation wings up.

As per recent reports, The Elite hasn't heard anything about when their suspensions will be over, the likelihood of a lawsuit stemming from the pending final decision has put everything on hold, including the inaugural trios' world champions' returns.

As for CM Punk's future, the word making the rounds has alluded to a possible contract buyout, but the ball is in Tony Khan's court.

Whether or not Punk gets his termination letter, he has already been on the shelf for eight months due to a tricep injury. This was confirmed when the 43-year-old was recently spotted wearing a brace on his left arm.

In the wake of the controversial situation, the Twitterverse has been hoping they haven't seen the last wrestling stalwart in AEW.

Some people believe the Chicago-made brought back lapsed fans, and he is too big of a star to be let go.

Others want the company to strike while the iron is hot and turn the real-life beef between CM Punk and The Elite into an on-screen rivalry upon their return.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions below:

I still think CM Punk returns to AEW. Not this year though, but in 2023. CM Punk is too big of a name for Tony Khan to let go, and CM Punk has stated numerous times that he loves AEW. This can definitely be resolved but itโ€™ll take time and healing.โ€œTime heals all wounds.โ€
@IsaacRGudino I loved AEW before Punk, I'll love AEW after Punk. I waited 7 years for him to come back, it just cannot end like this. And I genuinely believe it won't. He'll be back.
@HNCHDynamite Of course he does. CM Punk is the Crown Jewel of #AEW he is The Draw! He will return better than ever.
@HNCHDynamite When Punk gets back, he needs to go straight for Omega and the gang. Imagine a Blood & Guts match. Omega, Hangman, and the Bucks v Punk FTR and Ospreay ๐Ÿ™Œ
@HNCHDynamite Two matches that we will see next year (because thereโ€™s too much money on the line not to)โ€ฆPunk vs KennyCMFTR v The Elite
@HNCHDynamite I stop watching wrestling after Punk left, come back last year when he returned. Since then I catch up with all previous AEW shows. I really enjoy it, but for me Punk is the one that made me pay AEW+ and 5 PPVs, also purchase some merch. Without him I will spend 0$ยฃยฅโ‚ฌ on AEW
@HNCHDynamite TK is too much of a fanboy to let him go, heโ€™ll probably lose a good chunk of his core roster to keep CM, which will only benefit WWE and NJPW
@HNCHDynamite Hes obviously returning. Theres too much money on the line for Punk. And i know for a fact he doesnt wanna leave his wrestling legacy as a cry baby especially when he was literally champ..
@HNCHDynamite He made them MILLIONS. Compared to Omega's return to AEW and 200,000 people changed the channel. Numbers and facts do not lie
@HNCHDynamite I agree. And I think Omega and the Bucks will be willing to do business together.
@HNCHDynamite He made me a full time AEW viewer and brought out depths of storylines that had yet to hit our TV. He WAS cinema. I hope this all blows over.
@HNCHDynamite The shows the past few weeks have definitely missed him! I donโ€™t care what anyone says!! AEW needs punk!!

Did AEW accidentally drop a major hint regarding CM Punk's future?

CM Punk may or may not get fired after an enthusiast on Reddit shared a picture of AEW selling The Straight Edge Superstar's merchandise at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, which played host to Dynamite last week.

One of the merchants was also spotted wearing the former WWE Superstar's T-shirt, leaving fans baffled because the company wasn't selling any of The Elite's merchandise.

You can click here to check out the now-viral post here:

CM Punk merch is still being sold weekly at Dynamite shows and if there was ever going to be a suggestion he was getting fired, they certainly would not be rushing to let him cash in -

Now, this could mean two things - either the company is clearing up the remaining stock before firing him, or AEW may not sack him after all.

While this is just speculation at the moment, fans should wait until Mr. Khan breaks the silence on the matter.

Do you want to see CM Punk back in AEW? Sound off in the comment section below.

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