Reported backstage reaction to former WWE Superstar's alleged release from AEW following brawl with The Elite

The Elite were stripped of the AEW Trios Championship
The Elite were stripped of the AEW Trios Championship

In a surprising turn of events, it's been reported that AEW has released Ace Steel in the aftermath of the brawl at All Out. We now have an update on the backstage reaction to his departure from the company.

Steel was signed to All Elite Wrestling following the Revolution pay-per-view earlier this year. However, his most significant moment in AEW came as part of a brawl involving CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks after All Out last month.

Fightful Select has now confirmed the initial reports that Ace Steel has indeed been released from the company. It was stated that the majority of AEW stars have remained silent on the 'Brawl Out' incident, especially since the meeting led by Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, and Bryan Danielson, who asked everyone to keep their "dirty laundry in house."

The report added that there was "unanimous consensus" about Steel's departure being a formality and only pending legal ramifications were holding it up. A talent close to Ace Steel said that the "writing was on the wall" when the bite marks on Kenny Omega became visible.

Dave Meltzer has reported Ace Steel has been released. I've reached out to AEW for confirmation.We've already heard from some AEW talent about how they feel. We'll have that on today for subscribers.

One veteran seemingly told Fightful that bringing Steel back to the locker room would have caused a lot of frustration among the talent. Another star added that the whole incident hasn't been discussed much in recent weeks. One talent simply summed up the situation by saying "biting people bad."

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Jim Cornette previously lauded Ace Steel for his role in the AEW All Out scuffle

While speaking on Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru, the wrestling veteran said that he had the most sympathy for Ace Steel. Cornette felt that Steel had no option but to get involved in the brawl, with the odds firmly against him and CM Punk:

"I think he should make Ace Steel the chairman! I’m most sympathetic to Ace Steel than anybody because he’s just running in the room to save his crippled wife! If your friend, his dog, and your crippled wife are in a room and six at least full-grown adults burst into a room and there’s a fight going on, you’re gonna go in and help the outnumbered side," Cornette speculated.

With Ace Steel's apparent departure from AEW, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the rest of the talent involved in this incident.

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