Top free agent, 3-time Intercontinental Champion β€” 6 Stars Triple H could lure away from AEW to WWE this year

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Triple H's work as the head of WWE creative is being loved by the fans

Triple H's reign as head of WWE creative has brought new life to the promotion. He has brought back some of the best qualities that the company had been praised for in the past. Wrestlers have taken note of this, and WWE now looks like the place to be for stars to live out their dreams.

On the other side of the coin is Tony Khan's AEW. The young promotion attracted talent by placing itself as the alternative to Vince McMahon's stunted creativity. But with Paul Levesque now at the helm, more stars could follow Cody Rhodes' move to the world's largest promotion.

Here are six stars Triple H could lure away from AEW this year.

#6. Brian Cage is built for WWE

99% chance Brian Cage is going to WWE very soon after tonight. Bye bye AEW. Should have used the machine better.

Brian Cage has not been shy about airing his frustrations regarding his treatment in AEW. The former Team Taz member seemed like he could have been one of Tony Khan's prized possessions, but that goodwill has since faded.

With his contract coming to an end soon, there has been a lot of speculation that Cage could be heading to WWE. As a performer, he would be a perfect fit for the WWE style, and Triple H would undoubtedly be able to get the best out of the former The Machine.

#5. Wardlow desperately needs a reinvention

- Wardlow destroys MJF at PPV, gets into feud with Mark Sterling- Wardlow wins TNT Title, gets in a boring feud with Jay Lethal plus random squashes- Wardlow wins TNT title again, 3 days later loses it because of QT MarshallI just feel bad for him, he deserved better

Similar to Brian Cage, Wardlow could seamlessly fit in Triple H's WWE. Additionally, he might need to make the move if he wants to be a top star considering how his AEW run has been going recently.

The former TNT Champion has lost the white-hot momentum he once carried. Under Triple H, fans can be hopeful that they will once again see the best of Mr. Mayhem. A run in WWE may be best for Wardlow once his AEW contract expires.

#4. Komander is set to take the world by storm

WWE had opened talks with Komander prior to AEW announcing him for the Face of the Revolution ladder match about potentially doing a tryoutThey contacted him again right after he was announced for appearing in the ladder match, and again right after the match.- WON

Komander stunned fans around the world with his incredible performance in his AEW debut. The 24-year-old is a breakout star in the making, and this fact has not been passed by Triple H.

WWE has been in talks with the luchador and could be looking to snatch Komander from under AEW's nose, similar to their recent acquisition of Dragon Lee. As of yet, it is unclear where Komander will end up, but with WWE being the top destination at the moment, the Mexican star could pop up on RAW, SmackDown, or NXT very soon.

#3. Triple H knows how talented John Morrison is

I would like to see Triple H bring John Morrison back to WWE.

John Morrison is best known for his time in WWE. However, since his release from the company in 2021, he has returned to the independent circuit and has even made several appearances for AEW.

Morrison is well-acquainted with Triple H from their shared time in WWE and the former Intercontinental Champion has not closed the door on a possible return to WWE. Fans have been clamoring to see the Guru of Greatness back in the Stamford-based promotion. Currently a free agent, Morrison could give the fans what they want by signing with the company.

#2. Jay White is currently the hottest free agent

Jay White has been talking to WWE but has not signed. He is also talking to AEW. From someone familiar with the situation they described it as 50/50 which side he would go with- WON

Jay White made a name for himself during his time in New Japan. The New Zealander is a former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion and is currently exploring his options in the free agency pool.

The Switchblade is expected to sign with a top American promotion very soon. Despite appearing for AEW in the past, WWE could be the one to sign the 30-year-old star. Given the stories Triple H has crafted for the likes of Cody Rhodes and other new acquisitions, a move to WWE might be the right one for Jay White.

#1. Taking The Elite out of All Elite Wrestling

β€œI think at this point anything new appeals to me. And challenges also always, always appealed to me”- Kenny Omega when asked if WWE appeals to him(via CBC)

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks are some of AEW's biggest stars and founding fathers. The trio has made it to the top of the wrestling business and did not need WWE to get there. But with Cody Rhodes jumping ship, perhaps The American Nightmare showed The Elite that it is not all doom and gloom on the other side.

After the Brawl Out fiasco last year, The Elite's status in AEW has been speculated on by fans and wrestling personalities. To add fuel to the fire, their contracts are set to expire this year. Omega and the Jacksons will no doubt be positioned as major stars should they decide to join Triple H's WWE. Only time will tell how this one will play out.

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