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The Avengers have never faced fighters like the cast of One Piece (Image via Sportskeeda)

10 One Piece characters who could beat Marvel’s Avengers

The Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes, against the cast of One Piece is a battle that will most likely never occur in any comic, anime, or manga series. Regardless, fans of both comics and anime still like to imagine what such a fight would look like. While doing so, fans have come up with a legit question: Are there any characters in One Piece who could take out the entirety of the Avengers?

The answer is most definitely yes, as we have seen many pirates and marines accomplish feats vastly superior to the Avengers’. Thanks to their superhuman capabilities, the existence of Haki, as well as their Devil Fruit powers, many characters in One Piece could obliterate the Avengers in a fight.


Here are ten One Piece characters whom the Avengers could never defeat.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author’s opinion. It contains spoilers for the One Piece anime and manga series


Kizaru, Sengoku, and 8 other One Piece characters who can crush the Avengers

1) Kaido

Kaido as seen in the show (Image via Toei Animation)

For more than a decade, the World of One Piece lived in fear of Kaido’s wrath. Once considered the strongest being alive as well as a member of the four Emperors of the Sea, Kaido’s power was nothing to laugh at. His strength was monumental, his agility and speed surpassed most other characters in the series, and he had monstrous endurance and resistance.

The former Emperor also had access to Advanced Conqueror Haki, an ability that causes internal damage, ignoring almost all kinds of defense. Most of the Avengers would be down for the second a battle began. Heavy hitters like Hulk would soon fall down once Kaido accessed his Hybrid and Dragon forms.


2) Big Mom

Big Mom and her Homies (Image via Toei Animation)

Despite her inconspicuous appearance and charming smile, Big Mom was one of the cruelest and most powerful individuals in One Piece. Like Kaido, the woman was once considered strong enough to be a member of the Emperors of the sea. This was mostly due to her endurance and proficiency with Armored Haki, which made her almost invulnerable to any damage.

Linlin was also the user of the legendary Soru-Soru no Mi. This Devil Fruit granted her the power to take soul fragments from humans and transfer them to inanimate objects. By doing so, she created sentient creatures called Homies. With her outstanding defensive capabilities and the help of her Homies, Big Mom would slowly but surely take the Avengers down one by one.

3) Luffy

Luffy in Gear V form (Image via Shueisha)

One Piece’s protagonist could never be missing from a list talking about the strongest fighters. As a child, Luffy ate what he believed to be the Gomu-Gomu no Mi, a fruit that gave his body the properties of rubber. Thanks to this ability, he became impervious to almost any damage and could stretch his body at will.

The Straw Hat pirate later learned that his Fruit was in fact the Hito-Hito no Mi, Model Nika. Luffy has control over the powers of the Sun God Nika, a being who is considered the freest of Deities. Due to this, he is now capable of turning himself and everything he touches into rubber, bending the laws of reality. In his Gear V form, the Avengers would not stand a chance.

4) Shanks

Shanks as seen in the series (Image via Toei Animation)

The mysterious, imposing, and charming captain of the Red Hair Pirates is also one of the most powerful beings in One Piece. One of the few remaining members of the original four Emperors, Shanks may not display his abilities often, but when he does, it is a delight to witness. With a simple look, Shanks is capable of knocking down some of the most powerful characters in the series.

He is also a masterful swordsman and one of the best fighters in the world. Despite not having a Devil Fruit to give him supernatural powers, he still stands as one of the best pirates in the universe. Most of the Avengers would fall almost immediately, becoming victims of Shanks’ Conqueror Haki. The rest would have to face the might of the red-haired Emperor and his sword.

5) Akainu

Akainu as seen in the show (Image via Toei Animation)

The Fleet Admiral of the Marines, Akainu, is without a doubt one of the most capable and ruthless fighters in One Piece. From the moment he was introduced to the franchise, fans already knew he would be a force not to be reckoned with. Even the most resilient and experienced warriors in the franchise have trouble keeping up with Akainu’s power and speed.

He is the user of the Magu-Magu no Mi, meaning he can transform his body into magma and control any nearby lava source. He can also regenerate from any attack, as his body can simply reconstruct itself after being struck. If the heat and destructive capabilities of his magma are not enough to defeat the Avengers, Akainu’s might and strength will be more than enough.

6) Blackbeard

Blackbeard as seen in the show (Image via Toei Animation)

Besides being one of the most terrifying villains in One Piece, Blackbeard is also the first human in history to acquire the power of two Devil Fruits and not die in the process. Due to this, he is understandably considered among the most powerful individuals in the world. Blackbeard has complete control over darkness and shadows, as well as the ability to create tremors at will.

When combined, these two powers make Blackbeard a truly frightening opponent, as he could destroy his enemies without them even noticing where he was. In combat, not even the perfect teamwork of the Avengers would be enough to survive an all-out assault from this ominous villain.

7) Aokiji

Aokiji as seen in the show (Image via Toei Animation)

Unlike most Admirals who believe in the concept of Absolute Justice and obedience to the World Government, Aokiji preferred to follow his morals. This led to him fighting with Akainu for the position of Fleet Admiral for ten consecutive days. Fans already knew Aokoji was a monster when it came to power and endurance, but this was the moment that proved just how strong he is.

Besides his superhuman resistance and outstanding fighting skills, Aokiji also has the power of the Hie-Hie no Mi. This Devil fruit grants him absolute control over ice, as well as the capability to turn any part of his body into this material. If the former Admiral decided to fight seriously against the Avengers, the hero team would be defeated by either his devastating attacks or his unforgiving ice.

8) Kizaru

Kizaru as seen in the show (Image via Toei Animation)

There are many powers inside the One Piece universe that fans consider to be completely broken. One of said powers is Kizaru’s, who can control and transform his body into light. This gives him the ability to move at an impossible speed for the human eye to detect, as well as exponentially increasing the power behind his attacks.

Kizaru is also one of the most heartless individuals in the series and enjoys causing pain to those he considers his enemies. Most characters in One Piece fear the wrath of Borsalino, and with good reason. His speed, strength, and light constructs would be enough to obliterate almost all the Avengers in one hit.

9) Sengoku

Sengoku as seen in the show (Image via Toei Animation)

Before Akainu, Sengoku held the title of Fleet Admiral for many decades. Like his successor, the man was considered the strongest Marine during his prime. However, he still retains most of the power that he had in his youth, so underestimating him is a grave mistake. Not only is Sengoku one of the most experienced warriors in One Piece, but also one of the wisest.

He is also aided by his fearsome Devil Fruit power, the Hito-Hito no Mi, Model Daibutsu. When using his abilities, Sengoku is capable of manifesting a gigantic golden version of Buddha, which is almost indestructible and has outstanding offensive abilities. By using this power and the experience he has acquired throughout his life, Sengoku would defeat the Avengers in seconds,

10) Mihawk

Mihawk as seen in the show (Image via Toei Animation)

Dracule Mihawk, also known as the world’s most powerful swordsman, has proven to be one of the mightiest One Piece characters from the beginning of the franchise. Like his rival Shanks, Mihawk’s power comes solely from training and honing his skills, as he does not possess any kind of Devil Fruit.

He is constantly carrying a sword the size of his body, which he can maneuver with one hand as if it were weightless. His ability with the sword is legendary and few people have fought against him and lived to tell the tale. He will have a harder time than most other characters on the list, but he will no doubt end up defeating the Avengers in the end.

Final thoughts

Luffy and his iconic straw hat (Image via Toei Animation)

The world of One Piece is home to some of the most impressive and capable fighters in all of anime. Similarly, Marvel has many of the most powerful heroes in comics, like the Avengers. Naturally, these two fandoms constantly clash with each other, trying to prove who would win in a fight.

While there are undoubtedly many Marvel characters who could destroy the One Piece cast, the Avengers are not amongst them. The characters listed above have everything in their favor to emerge victorious from their fight. However, we need to remember that this is all done in good fun, and both franchises are incredible in their own regards.

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